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Challenges for Studying

Challenges for Studying


Though studying with people who are different from oneself is exciting and lasting experience, one encounters some challenges that are required to surpass to ensure that one cope up with life. On the other hand, they also requires gain from one past experience and at the end, the whole group get many advantages. For example, a student might be writing a thank you letter for their teachers or peers. Therefore, a new environment requires time to ensure that one is fully conditioned psychologically towards the new environment. The following are the challenges experienced studying with people who are different from one self.

Culture shock

No matter how one is prepared to face people that are unfamiliar to them, they are always unavoidable culture shocks. This is brought by the inability to know their way of living especially when one is studying abroad. When one is studying abroad, such cultural things as the food people eat, how the people dress, how the people think and talk becomes a great challenge to ones life (Brophy, 2010). They cause psychological problem before one get used to the situation and start appreciating them. The situation looks different from the one that one has been reading from the internet or from guide. So, before that picture of what one was visualizing it. 


Culture shock is followed by homesickness. When one is unable to understand the new environment, he/she start criticizing the current situation leading to being uncomfortable with the situation. One begin missing the home friends, family and ones country where one know very well that he/she is able to understand many things. This poses a great psychological challenge before time eventually wears it out.

Challenges for Studying


In any place one go especially for academic purposes, student are the most affected in stereotyping people. Depending with the country, region or tribe where one comes from, there is a certain stereotype associated with it. This makes the student especially; try to joke with oneself according to stereotype therein.

Sharing once cultural knowledge

About the culture, the contribution that one can make to fellow student is sharing once culture to feel that one is also part of the group. In most cases student from other country will always like being diverse and by cultural contribution this will help one to integrate fast in the peer group (O'Hara, 1998). Apart from criticizing their move to understand once cultural value, make them sharing once experience will make them friendly and make one learn more and much faster relinquishing one cultural shock. In addition, do not forget that studying abroad is an insanely rewarding experience that will prepare you for adulthood. Do not forget to say "thank you for writing a letter of recommendation".

Challenges for Studying

Sharing once background

As a student in foreign land, the integration oneself with the others depend on how they understand once educational, traditional and personal background (O'Hara, 1998). As a matter of facts, one is supposed to share his/her education experiences that will provoke them to also share their own experience. This will make one to learn faster and get more information about education tradition in that country that might have turned to be challenges later in life. Sharing of culture is also paramount, as one will eradicate the stereotype picture embedded in these students mind. It is always very important to share once weakness as it will condition once peers incase of any danger occurring in the foreign land. This will psychologically prepare one to cope up with the new environment even faster. It is always good to share about likes and dislike as a psychological student, one know that this might lead to stress in school if not tackled earlier. The importance of all this is to prepare once psychology to adapt to the changes in the new environment.

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