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CBSE Class 10 Maths Exam:
Make the Best Use of NCERT Books

Maths is a subject that needs logical thinking and cannot be memorized. There should be the everyday practice of solving all the exercises and the problems. Remember that mathematics can be fun only if you have an interest and practise vigorously.

There is no cut short method to learn. The numerical has to be systematically learnt with proper steps. The NCERT solutions are the best guide to gain knowledge of the subject thoroughly. Vedantu ncert solutions for class 10 maths is the best platform that covers all the essential chapters. They also have well-prepared notes which help the students to revise during the examination.

The Maths Class 10 is divided into seven units:

  1. Number Systems
  2. Algebra
  3. Coordinate Geometry
  4. Geometry
  5. Trigonometry
  6. Mensuration
  7. Statistics and Probability.

Benefits of referring to the NCERT books and making the best use of it:

  1. The chapters are prepared by well-qualified teachers.
  2. The solutions are reliable for the students.
  3. There are many problems connected with each chapter. Students preparing the same will benefit from the proper concept of solving the problem.
  4. The NCERT books are well planned and the practise test papers are given according to the board exams.
  5. The entire syllabus is covered in the NCERT books.
  6. There are sample question papers in the NCERT. Students can practise to get an idea of the exam format and also the time is taken to complete the question paper.

Why should students make use of NCERT books?

The NCERT books are very easy to understand. The language used can be understood by anyone. The examples and the problems given are chapter wise and practising the same will help the student to be more perfect.

There are many formulas and concepts in the books which are made comprehensible and brief for the students to grasp in a very methodical pattern.

The NCERT books consist of lots of illustrations and graphs. This in turn helps the students for better preparation. The graphical illustrations are always better than the theory. 

Tips for using the NCERT books for the 10 Board preparation

Mathematics needs lots of practice and sometimes it is very challenging. While using the NCERT books and practising the solutions it becomes very easy as the explanation of each problem is easy to understand without any distress.

There are many varieties of the problems given in the NCERT books which help the student to practise different types of numerical.

NCERT books make you aware of the pattern and the marks for the numerical problems. These facts have to be known by the students while preparing for the board. The advantage of referring and practising from NCERT books is that the question papers are prepared based on the NCERT questions.

Solve the NCERT book.

NCERT books are the basic and the ultimate method for preparation. Solving the whole book means your preparation is through as per the board criteria. Students need not go in search of any other reference books. NCERT books have all the required solutions from each chapter and in a very organized way. 

Making the foundation strong.

The NCERT books and any other books will be only beneficial when you focus thoroughly on the basics and the concepts. The basic foundation has to be strong before reaching the advanced level. Remember the building can be strong only when its foundation is strong. Directly reaching the top means collapsing.

How to make Mathematics easier?

Mathematics has lots of theorems, formulas, derivations and so on. All of these are very important and have to be learnt without any errors. It will be difficult to remember from the books every day. The best way is to use flashcards and pointwise notes to remember the theorems and the formulas.

Solving the problems appropriately.

Systematically solving the numerical problem is very important. This means you have to show all the steps till you derive the answers. You cannot just skip a step and come to the answer. This will not fetch you the full marks. All the steps should be shown clearly and with proper working. The rough work also should be shown beside each problem. Referring to the NCERT books will give you an idea of solving the problems in easy steps.

Method of preparing notes.

Well-prepared notes is very important at the time of the exam. One must be wondering what is the way of preparing the notes. When you work out problems from the chapter you might come across some tricky problems or a theorem or a formula that you might find difficult in learning for the first time. You will have to revise and practise on those to make your preparation strong. Such things should be noted and can be highlighted so you will remember to learn and won't be left out.

These are some of the tips to make use of the NCERT books in the best possible way

Some more tips are mandatory to follow for the study sessions:

  1. The timetable with proper contents and syllabus has to be followed systematically
  2. The study area has to be dedicated as a regular place to study.
  3. Thorough practice of all the numerical has to be done every day.
  4. Solve the sample question papers on completion of the syllabus.
  5. Focus on basics.
  6. Study in small sessions and take breaks in between.
  7. Practise is the only way to flare well in the subject.
  8. Review whatever has been learnt previously.
  9. Do not follow too many reference books.
  10. NCERT books are good enough for the overall preparation.


Unlike other subjects, Mathematics needs practice and logical thinking. Follow the NCERT books and prepare the subject with utmost interest and dedication. Work out all the problems in the book and the exercises. Theorem formulas have to be learnt and properly used accordingly.

Appropriate steps to be followed while doing the numerical. Solve the sample papers as much as possible, completing them in the given time. Compare the answers from the NCERT to know the mistakes and where you are going wrong. All the chapters have different concepts and logic. Make a note in an organized way to avoid any confusion.

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