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7 Brain Hacks to Learn and Memorize Things Faster

As students, we all wanted to be able to learn better and, if possible, memorize things so fast that we wouldn’t have to read our notes a second time. Some of us achieved that, whereas some of us still struggle with memorizing things even to this day.

While every person has their own way of memorizing, it goes without saying that there’s always room for improvement. We can all learn how to remember things fast and actually understand what it is that we learned!

As such, in the following lines, you’ll be introduced to 7 of the most amazing brain hacks that will certainly help you memorize things much faster!!

  1. Avoid Multitasking
    Even though you think you can study and browse the internet for even more information at the same time, you’re wrong! While learning something – with the intention of memorizing it – you should avoid all kinds of distractions. If you realize that you don't have time to complete some of the tasks, you may pay for assignments and the experts in this field will do it.

    Prepare all the source materials before you start learning. This way, you won’t have to multitask in order to find all the facts or information that you need.

  2. Relating Information
    Certain research shows that people memorize something much faster if they relate that new piece of information with other information on the same topic. It needs to be something that they already know to make it easier to understand.

    For example, studying the Roman Wars will be much easier if you relate all the new info with the general knowledge that you already have on the topic. It should be easy since these are the things you learn in 4th grade!

  3. Promote Long-Term Memory Training
    Some think that mornings or evenings are the best time for learning new information. However, several studies proved that afternoon is the best when it comes to the training of your long-term memory. This works only as long as you focus solely on your learning tasks, of course.
  4. Engage in Yoga
    Yoga is, as you know, peace of mind. It promotes memory, speech, seeing, and even decision-making via the simple fact that it helps with muscle control.

    On top of that, research showed that those who do yoga are able to remember things that they have previously memorized much faster. Their memory doesn’t fail as often anymore.

  5. Taking Notes of What You Need to Learn
    Sometimes, it’s not enough to keep on reading the same piece of information. Some of you may have noticed that, even if you write down the facts that you need to learn once, you have a much easier time remembering them the second day.

    Why’s that, you may ask? Well, not only do you remember the moment of you writing it, but you also have the visual in your mind that literally shows you the information.

  6. Teaching Yourself as You’d Teach Others
    Another great way to hack into your brain and make it memorize things faster is to pretend that, while studying for yourself, you teach another person or group of people the same information.

    By doing so, you force yourself to explain certain information in easily understandable terms and sentences. This makes it easier for you to memorize it as well. You can even do this in front of a mirror!

  7. Exercise Before Study
    Nobody should learn on an empty stomach or a stiff body. Studies have shown that, if you exercise for as little as 15 minutes before your study session, you significantly boost your cognitive and memory processing.

    This is because your body gets pumped with energy that helps more than just your muscles. This helps your brain as well!

The Bottom Line

In short, if you apply the findings of Latin scholars – namely, having a healthy mind in a healthy body – you won’t have a hard time learning and memorizing things faster.

You have to keep distractions away, rest and meditate, exercise, and learn how to be both teacher and student while learning certain information. If you apply all the brain hacks that we mentioned above, no exam or challenge will be able to overcome you and your mind!

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