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Tips To Boost Your Child's 11 Plus Vocabulary

In the UK, year 6 students take the 11 plus exam to get admission in grammar schools. Passing this particular exam can be pretty strenuous for your child. The exam is going to be a challenge for the students. The key to achieving success in the 11 plus exam is to prepare the subjects with great vigilance. The core subjects of 11 plus are English, math, verbal reasoning, and nonverbal reasoning. Besides preparing maths and reasoning lessons, the main concern is the preparation of English topics. 11 plus exams consist of verbal and non-verbal reasoning papers. 11 plus vocabulary is the crucial section of an English exam. The majority of the students face trouble when it comes to 11 plus vocabulary. When building a child's 11 plus vocabulary, there is a need to put extra effort. Your child’s 11 plus vocabulary will predict the probability of success in the exam.

This post will provide you with essential information for boosting a child's 11 plus vocabulary. Following are the necessary steps that will help your child to build 11 plus vocabulary.

Strategies to Improve Eleven plus Vocabulary

Eleven plus vocabulary is one of the essentials of the 11 plus exam. Being a parent, we appreciate your concerns. When it comes to improving your child's 11 plus vocabulary, there is a need to ask for an expert's suggestion. The purpose of this catalogue is to boost English vocabulary. There are the following measures that you can adopt to improve English vocabulary.

Prepare a Catalogue of 11 plus Vocabulary

Preparing a catalogue to improve 11 plus vocabulary is advantageous for your child. Being a parent, you can opt for this practice. We will guide you on how you can prepare a catalogue. Following are the things you need to do with

  1. Read 11 plus vocabulary books.
  2. Prepare 11 plus vocabulary worksheets.
  3. Arrange the sheets in chronological order.
  4. Lastly, locate study hours dedicated to the eleven plus vocabulary catalogue.

There will be a significant improvement in your child’s eleven plus vocabulary. Moreover, the catalogue will help you to align the words with approximately similar pronunciations. Further, your child will be having clarity on the meanings of the words. It will allow him to use vocabulary correctly in the 11 plus exam.

Use of Flash Cards

Flashcards are the most effective method to improve a child's 11 plus vocabulary. With the assistance of flashcards, you can work to improve the English skills of your child. The pictures are imprinted with the English vocabulary on flashcards. The 11 plus vocabulary with pictures will help your child to build 11 plus vocabulary. Following are the perks of using flash cards.

  • Make them clear on the meaning of the words.
  • The visual representation will be feasible for them.

It is a fact of human psychology that we memorise visuals better than verbal information. To boost your child’s 11 plus vocabulary, you can use flashcards. They will help to make your child clear on every word. In the same time, he will be knowing the meaning and pronunciation of the words. Learn more about How to Make and Study Flashcards.

Encourage Regular Practice

Regular practice is the key to secure good grades in the 11 plus exam. The consistent practice of 11 plus worksheets will help your child to improve English vocabulary. Moreover, the more practice you will do, the greater the probability of your success.

You can use different revision methods such as:

  • 11 plus vocabulary worksheets 
  • 11 plus vocabulary pictures
  • 11 plus vocabulary books
  • Eleven plus vocabulary online games.

There are numerous methods that you can opt for the revision of 11 plus vocabulary. Moreover, fix a particular timing for your child to revise. On the other side, you can also assist your child in using 11 plus vocabulary in their daily routine.

Make Learning Fun

We consider that preparing for the 11 plus exam is quite a challenging time. For every pupil, certain milestones come across in this journey. The most common issue reported by the pupil is that they often feel bored and tired because of the strict timetables. 

We have a suggestion for you that will help you to prepare for everything including eleven plus vocabulary.

Exactly! the key to improving your capability to grasp the information. Thanks to the technology that we have 11 plus vocabulary games online. These games are pretty beneficial for a child's 11 plus vocabulary development. These games are well known for increasing the individual's capacity for learning. While you are playing games, there will be learning besides gaming.

11 Plus Vocabulary App 

Modern technology has made learning easier. The 11 plus vocabulary app is one of the great scientific inventions. The app comes with an 11 plus vocabulary database. This app is designed to improve the child’s eleven plus vocabulary. There are approximately four thousand verbal reasoning and English words integrated into the database. These 11 plus words are crucial for the preparation. The app is specifically designed for iPhones and iPods. You can install it on your device and start working on 11 plus vocabulary.

Is there a need for 11 plus English tuition for my child?

The majority of the students found 11 plus vocabulary quite tricky for them. Learning new words, phrases of verbal reasoning are hectic for them. Besides the regular supervision of the parents, there is no improvement in their learning at all. If you are in this specific situation, there is a suggestion for you. The 11 plus English tuition will work for your child's 11 plus vocabulary development. The tutors are there to improve students' vocabulary. Your child will earn good grades with the correct implementation of the practice.

If you are looking for the 11 plus English tuition in Slough for your child, Adnan Khan Tutoring is there to facilitate you. Sign up right now for your child’s 11 plus success.

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