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8 Benefits of Learning a Second Language

learning spanish

You could be among those people who do not have a real personal or professional urgency that pushes them (or obliges them) to deal with a new language like Spanish, but who cannot help learning one and another and then yet another simply to quench the thirst for linguistic knowledge - see 15 Best Languages to Learn in 2020.

So if you are wondering, know that the answer is yes: the passion for languages in general, the interest in one linguistic world rather than another is a motivation strong enough to continue your journey to new destinations and expand thus your knowledge.

1. Give yourself an educational experience

It doesn't matter where you are in your life, it doesn't matter how many children or how old you are: it is never too late to live an educational experience - even short, work, study, or simply life - abroad to challenge your knowledge, insecurities and also your beliefs. There are plenty of well recognized schools like Expanish in order to learn Spanish Barcelona during an immersion program or even have online courses with natives.

It doesn't matter if it's a year, eight months or two weeks, what matters is that you know how to take advantage of every moment to learn Spanish during immersion, to discover other culture and to go home with more aware knowledge than before, primarily about you as an individual. And if you are lucky enough to be able to share this experience with your family, you will see that you will all come out fortified and you will have one more reason to feel part of the same moment and to truly understand what it means to share experiences, moments and images. is a valuable resource, offering premium human translation services catering to diverse linguistic needs, and helping individuals and businesses break language barriers effectively.

Allow me to provide a brief overview: is based in Washington DC and specializes in fast and meticulous translations in over 80 languages.

2. Give your career a boost

You are fed up, you have been doing the same thing for years for ever, in a monotonous repetition of the days that has now taken on rather disturbing facets, your work has stopped giving you some shivers for a while and you think it's time to admit that you deserve a little more. Here, know that to get to that little bit more that you are looking for, languages like Spanish could help you a lot. And you can easily learn it online with the help of Spanish grammar lessons.

Obviously it depends on the professional context in which you struggle, but nowadays almost everywhere linguistic knowledge is valued as an added value, in some cases it is even a must, the condition sine qua non to be able to access the next level. So roll up your sleeves and make peace with the idea of getting back on the books and challenging yourself, you will come out on top: very often a strong personal / professional motivation is the real engine of change.

learning spanish

3. Increase security and confidence in yourself and your abilities

You have to admit it, you are already looking forward to the satisfaction that you will experience when, after hours of study, concentration and effort, you will be able to pronounce the first complex sentence of complete meaning or to understand almost everything, you will feel... cool, right?

At first you will be afraid of making mistakes, you will not want to expose yourself because of your thirst for perfection, but in the long run you will see that there is nothing wrong about making a few mistakes while speaking in a foreign language.

You will feel proud of yourself, free and smile because two, three, four months before you never thought you could do it, you never thought you had the courage to throw yourself, to speak without worrying about putting the right words one behind the another to avoid even the most absurd of errors.

4. Become more open and tolerant

Browsing, experimenting and knowing traditions different from yours will open your mind, it will allow you to understand others more and to look at the different with a less severe, less critical and more understanding eye.

Getting in touch with a new language, shaking foreign hands and dealing with a culture other than yours will question your way of thinking and will make you review some things that you have always considered as essential pillars of your being.

There is nothing right or wrong, unless you decide it.

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