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Blockchain Training: How and Where to Start

Blockchain Training

There is a promisingly higher chance of you wondering about blockchain technology taking over the world if you are looking for blockchain training platforms. The blockchain industry is growing exponentially, with diverse technology advantages for enterprises, individuals, and governments. At the same time, the rising applications of blockchain across different sectors also promoted a sudden spike in demand for blockchain professionals.

As a result, many aspiring professionals are looking for reliable online blockchain courses and certifications for starting their blockchain careers. However, it is quite difficult for a beginner to identify a suitable path for blockchain training. The following discussion helps you find the right guidance for the ideal platform and best practices to start your training in blockchain technology.

Demand for Career in Blockchain

Before diving into the details of renowned platforms for blockchain certification and training, it is important to reflect on blockchain economy. The different trends predicted for the blockchain industry can provide a reflection of the demand for blockchain education and training. The global blockchain market can potentially reach a total of $20 billion in terms of revenue by 2024. Furthermore, around 23% of the large enterprises are presently working comprehensively on blockchain applications.

Although various startups are presently running the market with their large-scale investments, many notable names such as IBM have jumped in on the blockchain adoption trend. So, it is evident that training and certification in blockchain technology can help you build the foundations of your blockchain career. Now, it is reasonable to wonder about the best platform that can help you find the road to your desired blockchain technology certification.

Where Can You Start Training in Blockchain Technology?

If you want to start your blockchain career with profound momentum, you should opt for a blockchain training platform like 101 Blockchains. 101 Blockchains is an independent blockchain education and research portal with a formidable recognition among enterprise blockchain professionals. In addition, it also features strategically organized training resources with an emphasis on a practical understanding of the technology.

Furthermore, the training resources on 101 Blockchains are tailored by industry experts with substantial experience and insights on blockchain technology. Therefore, learners of all levels could rely on 101 Blockchains for improving their blockchain expertise. 101 Blockchains also offer blockchain technology certification to help aspiring blockchain professionals.

Blockchain Courses

If you want to learn about blockchain technology and its related applications, then 101 Blockchains has the following online blockchain courses for you,

  • Enterprise blockchains and supply chain management
  • Enterprise blockchains and trade finance
  • Enterprise blockchains actionable templates & tools
  • How to build your career in enterprise blockchains
  • Introduction to decentralized finance or DeFi

Furthermore, 101 Blockchains has also introduced a free enterprise blockchains fundamentals training course to help beginners with learning blockchain. In addition, you can also access the following newly launched members-only courses on 101 Blockchains.

  • Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) Masterclass
  • Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Masterclass

You can also access on-demand webinars and conferences apart from the online blockchain courses available on 101 Blockchains.

Blockchain Certifications

If you want to take a big step towards your blockchain career, then you can choose a blockchain certification from the three alternatives offered by 101 Blockchains. You can pursue one of the following certifications with prospects for diverse job roles in the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional Certification (CEBP)
  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect Certification (CEBA)
  • Certified Blockchain Solution Expert (CBSE)

Now that you know the place to start your blockchain education and training, you must be eager to know how to do the same. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to worry about preparing for blockchain certification with 101 Blockchains. The specially tailored training courses with each certification help you in achieving your career goals easily.


On a concluding note, it is inevitable to wonder about the best practices for achieving blockchain technology certification. Students and aspiring professionals should note that they should follow dedication and accountability as the two precedents in their preparations.

The dynamic nature of blockchain technology is also one of the prominent factors that create challenges for training and education. However, 101 Blockchains can serve as the perfect answer for “where” and “how” to start learning about blockchain technology. Go ahead and choose your desired certification or training course on 101 Blockchains for a prolific career in blockchain technology.

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