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3 Tips to Get Better Grades in Chemistry Exams in Singapore

Chemistry as an academic subject is first introduced at the secondary 3 level in Singapore. Many students in Singapore choose to specialize in it and take chemistry exams at the O levels and subsequently H1 or H2 chemistry at the A levels. However, many students in Singapore also struggle to excel in the exams because some chemistry concepts and sub topics can be quite abstract and not able to be understood intuitively. Here are 3 tips for students to score well and get better grades for their chemistry exam papers in Singapore.

First of all, you can learn from a private chemistry tutor in Singapore. There is perhaps no better way to improve your exam grades for chemistry subject than by learning from someone who has already accomplished your goal many times before. A secret of many high scoring students in Singapore is to take tuition classes taught by private tutors from reputable and renowned home tuition agencies like Classruum. The private tutors or teachers from such tuition agencies in Singapore are all highly qualified, and would have scored “A” grade during their student days for the respective subject before working as a tutor – in this case for the subject of chemistry. Some of them also had teaching experience as a Singapore MOE school teacher, while others came from top Junior Colleges in the past and scored top distinctions in chemistry. With a private chemistry tuition teacher, you will be able to clarify any questions that you may have regarding the topic, but were unable to do so with your school teacher. Additionally, a good chemistry tuition teacher will also provide you with proven tips and tricks to get better grades in your exams.

Second of all, make sure you read the textbooks before the school teacher gives the lesson. This is a very simple but effective tip. If you first hear of certain chemistry concepts only when your school teacher is giving the lesson, you will usually get confused, because some school teachers teach at a fast pace, and their teaching pace may be too fast for your comfort. This is because school teachers need to complete teaching Singapore’s MOE chemistry curriculum regardless of how fast you learn. However, if you put in the effort to study the textbook before the lesson, you will be able to understand most of the concepts within, and also have questions ready to ask the teacher when the class begins. This makes understanding the subject much easier during classes. If you do this habit consistently over time, you will be able to have a very good grasp of the subject by the time the examinations come.

Third of all, reading and learning alone is insufficient, you need to practise. There are Ten Year Series practice questions for the O level and A level chemistry examinations. You should not practise on your own too. Practice does not make perfect; it makes whatever you do consistent. If you are wrong, more practice only makes your understanding of the subject worse. Instead, try networking with some of the best performing fellow students in your school or class for the subject of chemistry, and then do practice exams and practice questions together. When you network with these top students, you will be able to understand how they think about the subject and improve your level of understanding and mastery until the same level as them too. This in turn will improve your grades.

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