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Best Memorization Techniques

By Adrian Lomezzo

The ability to memorize is an important and necessary life skill, especially in learning. It is the capacity to stay committed to a thing until it sticks to the memory. It is also the mental process involved in recalling items stored in mind.


It can be not very easy to remember things such as information, experience, a new concept learned in school or business, music, etc. However, there are some techniques that you can use to get hold of the information quickly. Some of these techniques include:

  1. Mnemonical Exercise
    This technique involves the use of a keyword related to the main subject you need to remember. The keyword can be used in a recital of a short poem to form a sequence. The goal is to help you remember something special. The belief is that the human minds remember personal, humorous, spatial, or exclusive information easily than arbitrary sequence.
  2. Visualization Techniques
    Visualization is also a powerful technique that aids memorization. It involves the use of the inner eye to visualize the image of what it is you are trying to remember. The mental image you try to create must be similar to the element you want to stick to the memory. Forming the picture of what you want to remember is a perfect approach for anyone who wants to increase their memory power.
  3. Memory Palace
    Memory place is one of the memorization techniques considered key to memorizing anything. It involves the process of assigning a memory place to a thing we will like to remember after a while. A memory place refers to a place well-known to us, especially a place we can easily visualize. This familiar place gets used as the guide to memorizing things.
  4. Rote Learning
    The focus of Rote learning is to memorize things through the help of repetition of what you need to learn. It involves the process of repeatedly speaking out loud the thing we need to learn until it sticks to the memory. Today, rote seems to be the memorization technique of choice for students. It doesn't require that the students understand the subject when following the routine.
  5. Peg System
    The Peg system is applicable where you need to memorize a list. It involves the pre-memorization of words on the list by associating them with numbers. The number can be 1 to 10, 1 to 100, etc. assigned to each object. The objects on the list then form a system pegs list, which can be created to form rhymes or alphabetic letters. There is, however, a limit to the number of pegs that can get produced.
  6. Art of Memory
    The Art of memory includes several techniques and principles to enhance recall, memory impression, and to help in the combination and invention of the ideas. The process involves the connection of emotionally striking images that helps fine-tune the entire journey. It is used in the study of paintings, books, architecture, and sculpture. It is an excellent way to train your mind to learn faster.
  7. Spaced Repetition
    The process of this learning technique involves the communication of information into a lasting memory through the release of the time interval between successive sessions. The method is also referred to as space retrieved, spacing scheduling, graduated revival and expanded retrieval.


Storing important information is suitable for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are an entrepreneur or a student. However, any of the Memorize tools, as mentioned above, can be of great help. These concepts are not new; they are useful for preserving educational information.

Author Bio

Adrian Lomezzo is a freelance experienced writer. Earlier he has been working with different websites and the main goal of his was to promote its. Also, he could provide an assistance with papers as a writer from Ez Assignment Help. Later Adrian wanted to help students and adults to develop themselves to get a successful job by getting knowledge in this sphere. As a lover of traveling, he could not allow him to stay in the one place and decided to become a writer who could be closer to everyone and share the precious information from the various places of the world.

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