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Best Books for Studying English

Do you want to gain knowledge by books? That’s fine. You can use paper or online resources for reading. There are a lot of technologies online which could help you with everything, for example, online essay checker. Today we tell you about books for studying English.

Best Books for Studying English

English Grammar in Use 5th Edition

A classic textbook for self-study of English grammar (B1-B2). Suitable for both independent education and for classes with a teacher. This book has a lot of advantages: clear structure and effective presentation of information (on each page a separate topic with theory and practice for better learning, a total of 145 units in the book); fascinating material that makes you want to learn, understanding new linguistic horizons. And at the end of the book you will find a surprise - a universal cheat sheet that you can carry with you and on occasion to tighten knowledge. If you don’t know some words or sentences, you can use thesis formatting.


Speakout manuals and workbooks will be great helpers in learning English. In them you will find various topics and practical exercises to improve your level of English. You will master grammar, learn new vocabulary and become better at listening. Included with the books is a disc with audio tracks of tasks and exercises to improve phonetics and listening skills.

"English for children"

Thanks to this bright publication, every child and even an adult can easily and enthusiastically learn English. The book has a lot of interesting tasks and practical exercises, so kids can quickly learn the basics and have fun. The practical part is based on fairy tales, stories and funny sketches. If you make mistakes in writing, you could use proofreading services.

English. 16 lessons. Basic training

This textbook gives you the opportunity to learn the concept of English in a very short time. The popular psycholinguist, who speaks 30 languages, teaches his own course for self-study and consolidation of a foreign language. The lessons presented, as in Book 16, will be effective and instructive for both beginners and more or less English-speaking readers. The material combines ease of presentation and practical orientation. Many practical tasks are provided to consolidate knowledge.

Spoken English. Spoken language guide

A great guide for developing English spoken language! The book includes the most common topics, such as family and education, travel and weather, theater, etc., as well as many lexical tasks and trainings. By using the materials, you will significantly improve your speaking skills, as well as your ability to ask and answer questions.

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