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Benefits of Being a Teacher

Being a Teacher

There are many professions in the world, but if you come to think of it, being a teacher, you are part of the noblest one. Yes, there are many twists and turns in the journey. You contemplate many obstacles you dread. You get to a point where you reconsider your passion. At the end of the day, you resolve your negative thoughts by saying to yourself that teaching is the best profession you could have ever opted for. Teaching requires more than extra work —it requires physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social strength. Being a teacher means facilitating your students in their classwork tasks and providing them assistance for the rest of their lives.

Here's what it means to be a teacher:

  • Being a teacher means being a lifesaver.
  • Being a teacher means helping students achieve their goals.
  • Being a teacher also means to keep the students controlled.
  • Being a teacher means to change.
  • Being a teacher means to cause a change.
  • Being a teacher means to foresee the threats.
  • Being a teacher means to help overcome those threats.
  • Being a teacher means to understand, explain, and appreciate.
  • Being a teacher means to realize what not to understand.
  • Being a teacher means to keep your students cheerful and happy.
  • Being a teacher means to make your students cry.
  • Being a teacher means to fail, try, and try.
  • And finally, being a teacher means to make your students ask why.

That's all being a teacher means.

Now coming back to the topic. What are the benefits of being a teacher, and what it means to be a teacher?

Teachers are everything and anything:

Teaching means different things to different people. To me, teachers wear different caps for every new situation they come across. This helps the student connect, relate, and absorb what has been said, but it also reminds the students what you indeed are, and the impression you leave on them is long-lasting. Excluding the financial benefit, the teaching profession helps the students become well-mannered and well-behaved people who achieve great success in their lives, which is the reward for them. The eternal peace of living for the sake of others' passion, profession, and vigor is beyond the words.

Furthermore, great teachers are their subject specialists, but they also generally hold information about other subjects, making them a good advisor. When it comes to wearing different hats during the class lecture, they can be: strict, didactic, crazy, fun, lazy, or mothy and downright dull. It depends on how their students perceive them, but at the end of the day, a teacher educates, entertains, persuades, facilitates, and teaches new things to the students. Teachers are the creators of the learners' future. Therefore, they help students to connect with education in a passionate sense. 

Teachers are world-changers:

A teacher is a person who can change the destiny of the people. There are the builders of the bridges for the students to cross over. They facilitate, educate, and inform the pupils about how they can change the world. A professional teacher always knows that to change someone, they have to start with themselves first. That is why their whole life is spent on the learning and improving their knowledge and skills. As Galileo, the philosopher, the scientist, said," You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself." Therefore, a teacher or an educator is a person who helps students to learn about themselves because of their experience of the world. They see beyond the standardized tests and assessments. They also see beyond the material provided in the textbooks. Their teaching goal is to equip students with the right tool and equipment to understand life and the world itself.

Likewise, they bring in innovative tips and techniques to teach interactively. They improve themselves with time, and they collaborate with others if needed to accomplish the desired effects at the academic level. 

As mentioned, change-making does not only involve a change within the student's academic capabilities. Rather change is seen in every aspect of an individual's life. This leads to the fact that teachers are also social change agents. 

Teachers are empath:

One of the essential traits of great teachers is that they are empathetic and compassionate to other peoples. Their lives are solely based on the sake of the students and their life problems. They understand and comprehend the issues and the difficulties by putting themselves in the student's shoes; this makes them highly respectable and reputable among the learners. Their capabilities of driving decisions are based on farsightedness. Their experience with other students makes them humble and kind to others.

Teachers are quick learners. Just by giving a glance to the room, they can read what's going on, who needs help, and what can be done to resolve the matter. Being empathetic makes them peacemakers who have all the right tools to avoid the students' emotional outbursts. Besides, teachers like to offer help to others. This makes them transparent, unique, and exceptional from the rest of the people.

Teachers Inspire:

The teaching profession lets educators inspire, motivate, and move readers. They share their knowledge to help the learners stimulate their minds and make them feel special about their lives. They encourage the learners to explore and go beyond the traditional methods to acquire new knowledge and skills. Having the experience of connecting and educating the individuals creates insightful content for the learners to digests. They know to learn something new, a learner first has to be inspired by it. Teachers bring in the history, literature, philosophy, and technical knowledge become a role model for the student. Due to their robust value-based system, they help uncover students' untapped potential; likewise, all of their hidden treasures. 

Besides, being a teacher means involving the students in community building activities apart from academic education. Their talent lies in the fact that they develop the character of the student. They build them strong, robust, and confident who are ready to create a change in the world, for the better of the good. 

Author Bio:

Alexa Perk is presenting her ideas through Ghostwriting Services platform. She writes articles and blogs for the past fourteen years. She has been writing on education, philosophy, environment, languages, and sociology. She has completed her studies from Columbia University.

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