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American International School

If you’re a foreigner who is currently relocating to Bangkok to pursue a career opportunity and bringing your family along, you may have some concerns about the schools and the education system in Thailand. If you’re from a western, English-speaking country, you’re better off confining your choices to British or American international schools in Bangkok

American International School

For you to even consider Thai public schools as an option in education, your child would have to know how to speak, read and write in the Thai language. 

While some parents might think that their child may be unnaturally cloistered in a British or American International school that is separate and different from what Thai children are learning, they’ll be pleasantly surprised once they arrive in Bangkok. 

International Schools Present an Opportunity

They’ll find that most of the British and American international schools in Bangkok maintain a close connection with the surrounding community. The students of these schools come from all walks of life and include the children of diplomats, NGO employees and multi-national corporation employees. They also include a large number of Thai students, so there is nothing cloistered about an international school education. 

The reality is that the education system in Thailand doesn’t offer a comprehensive English-language education. Thai parents who want to give their children a head start and be able to compete with all the other applicants around the world vying for placement in a top-quality university must enrol their children in a British or American international school. 

With the Thai government aiming to change the country from agriculture to a tech-based economy, many Thai parents are planning ahead to give their children the education that can help grow the intellectual and economic contributions of Thailand and bring it into the ranks of developed nations.

Rubbing Shoulders with the World

These schools offer a curriculum that adheres to the standards of either the British or American accredited education system, so they are popular with parents who want the best for their children, no matter which country they originally came from. 

Students at these international schools in Bangkok regularly rub shoulders with students from all over the world. From these international students, they learn about foreign cultures, religious beliefs and different values. They also learn about compassion and how alike they are with these other students. They learn to see beyond stereotypes and consider their fellow students for their opinions, values and senses of humor. 

Learning about Thailand

From the many Thai students, they’ll learn how to travel around the city, fun places to visit, what’s good to eat and maybe pick up some of the Thai language as well. They’ll also learn about the cultural norms, customs and ways of doing things in Thailand.

The Thai students will serve as ambassadors to their country and make the foreign, relocated student feel more comfortable in their new environment. British and American international schools have been a respected part of Bangkok’s education alternatives for years, and they’re the only type of education to be considered for a non-Thai child.

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