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5 Awesome Math Techniques Students Need to Know

awesome math techniques

An important math tip is to analyze and understand every mistake. But, it's not always that easy.

Learning math can be difficult. It can especially difficult for people who naturally aren't gifted in math and prefer other subjects.

But if you're committed to learning math, you should learn some math techniques. You should learn some tricks and tips that can make math easier.

Here are 5 awesome math techniques that can help students learn math easier...

1. The Rule of 72

If you want to learn how to compound interest in math, the Rule of 72 can definitely help.

If you want to know when your money will double with a specific interest rate, all you have to do is divide 72 by your current interest rate.

You can do this math trick with investments. It's a great tip if you are taking an accounting or investment class.

2. Multiplying with the Number 0

If you have a difficult time multiplying larger numbers with 0s at the end, here's a simple trick.

All you have to do is multiply the numbers and add the zeros. For instance, if you multiply 400 x 300, you would first multiply 4 x 3 = 12. Then you would add however many zeros are left, which is 4.

So the answer would be 120,000.

It's a great shortcut and technique to use if you don't want to write down the entire math problem.

3. 20% Tip

The 20% tip trick involves dividing by 5 and that's your tip. It's a great way to understand percentages better and when you're leaving a tip at a restaurant.

If you go to dinner and the bill is $35. All you have to do is divide by 5 to get 20%. So the answer is $7.

4. Dividing 100, 1000, or Higher

Whenever you are dividing large numbers by 100, 1000, 10,000, all you have to do is move the decimal point to the left.

For instance, if you are dividing any number by 100, you just have to move the decimal point over 2 spots because there are 2 zeros in 100.

For example, if you divide 367.54 by 100, you move the decimal over 2 spots to the left. So the answer is 3.6754.

5. Memorizing Pi

A simple way to remember Pi and how to calculate it is count the letters in this sentence, "How I wish I could calculate Pi."

When you count them, it turns into 3.1415926, which is Pi.

If you want to check out more fun math techniques that can help you or students be better at math, you can see more info here.

Why You Should Learn Math Techniques

Math techniques offer a creative way to solve problems, especially if you are trouble remembering formulas are calculating numbers. These tricks are some ways to help you figure out the best methods for making math easier.

These math techniques can also help you throughout life if you get into investing or if you are dining out with friends. They can be useful in any part of life.

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