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Arithmetic vs Mathematics -
You Should Know How We Use Them

Arithmetic vs Mathematics

You are definitely familiar with the difference between arithmetic and mathematics, if you are a mathematics student. Because mathematics students know all about the different concepts in math and you can also get Math Homework Help Online.

Some people believe that arithmetic is the entire mathematics as it is the solution to number problems. But this is not true; if we talk in simple language, mathematics is a subject, and arithmetic is a part of this subject.

If you are a mathematics student, you should know the difference between mathematics and arithmetic.

Do you want to know more about arithmetic vs mathematics?

If yes, you are on the right path; here, we will provide you with the proper guidance in both the areas of arithmetic vs mathematics. Here, we will discuss different aspects of arithmetic and mathematics and include the problems these different concepts focus on.

Arithmetic vs Mathematics

It is based on numbers and deals with the different types of number problems with the help of different operations.

4 Types of common operations are mainly used in Arithmetic.

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Division
  • Multiplication

In all arithmetic problems, we use these four operations broadly. Let's understand it with the help of examples.

In addition, we add two or more numbers, and the results we get are always a number. Such as if you have five notebooks and buy three more notebooks, then you total eight notebooks right now.


Let's know some interesting things about numbers.

If we add two odd numbers or two even numbers, we always get an even number.

But when we add one even number and one odd number, we get an odd number as a result.

For example-

3+5=8 (Two odd numbers)

4+6=10 (Two even numbers)

5+6=11 (One odd and one even number)

Subtraction is all about deducting things from a group. After subtraction, the original value remains unchanged or less. Suppose we subtract 0 from 9 gives us result 9.


but when we subtract two odd numbers or even numbers, it always gives an even number. But when we subtract one odd number and one even number, it gives us an odd number.

For example-

8-4=4 (Two even numbers)

7-3=4 (Two odd numbers)

7-4=3 (One even and one odd number)

The product of two numbers is multiplication.


In the case of multiplication, when we multiply two odd numbers, we get an odd number.


When we multiply one odd and one even number, we get an even number.


When we multiply two even numbers, the result will be an even number.


When we say that we have 100 candies and have to distribute them among the ten children, then we will get to know how many candies you need to give a single child.

It is possible with the division operation where we break the number into equal parts, and 100/10=10 means we have to distribute 10 candies to a single child. In the case of division, the dividend should be large, and the divisor should be small.


Mathematics is the study of different areas such as logic, arrangement, shapes, quantity, etc. We use mathematics in our daily lives through different activities. In mathematics, we study different areas such as arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, mensuration, etc.

As we have discussed earlier, arithmetic is a part of mathematics where we study numbers. In arithmetic, we learn about different concepts such as profit and loss, LCM, HCF, age-related problems, speed, time and distance, etc.

In trigonometry, we explore different angles and shapes such as sinθ, cosθ, their operations, properties and values at different degrees.

In geometry, we study the different shapes such as triangles, rectangles, circles etc. Here we calculate the area, volume, sides, of these shapes.

Difference between Arithmetic vs Mathematics

Math is a vast subject that covers multiple concepts, but arithmetic is a branch of mathematics. Let's discuss other differences between arithmetic and mathematics.

  1. Mathematics deals with the relations, logics, numbers, and many more, whereas arithmetic focuses on expansion management, subtraction, division, etc.
  1. Where mathematics is the study of measurements and properties in arithmetic numbers, they are used for calculations.
  1. In arithmetic we solve number related problems whereas in mathematics we solve theory and different concepts related problems.

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In this blog we have explored arithmetic vs mathematics, where we told you the usage of arithmetic and mathematics concepts. Here, we have also discussed the differences between arithmetic and mathematics.

I hope this blog will be helpful for you and you will understand your confusion regarding arithmetic vs mathematics. Mathematics is a whole subject to study while arithmetic is a part of it that we study under it in our school and colleges.

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