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Top 5 Apps to Prepare for Your Exams

There are lots of problem in a traditional classroom that students usually faces. For instance, students need to travel to school every time which takes a good amount of time. Some of the students are shy enough that they feel trouble while approaching teachers for any queries. Most classrooms are filled and overcrowded and sometimes the student doesn't get a seat to attend the class. Students in the traditional classroom depend on teachers for study materials. It's hard for the student to develop their interpersonal skills. Nowadays, students are preferring an online learning environment instead of the traditional learning environment.

Importance of educational apps

Educational apps enable students to memorize complicated information, compare facts and analyze. Educational apps include recorded videos. Some of the apps provide the flexibility to download them for clearing concepts later. Therefore, online lectures can be attended anywhere, at any time, and can be watched later. Videos on educational apps can be sped up on easy topics, slow down on difficult topics, and can be paused while making notes. Sometimes these apps are packed up with questions like “Do My Exam For Me Uk” by the students.

Top 5 exam prep apps

  1. Exam countdown

Exam Countdown is a simple and free app that keeps track of the exam and test dates. This application keeps track of your exam schedule so you can put your entire focus on the studies instead of checking your exam date every time in the fear of missing something. Along with daily reminders and countdown, you can highlight the exam date based on the subject so it will become easy to see at first glance. Exam countdown app gives notifications to remind you when your test is and how many days are there on a specific subject exam. Moreover, you can share the countdown and reminder on social media to help your classmates to stay on track too. It has a simple interface that makes it easy for the user to log all of the upcoming exam dates as well as time and the app will give you a gentle reminder through a notification in a big moment of months,weeks, days, and minutes.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is one of the best study apps in the market of educational applications and for a good reason. It is a multifunctional app that helps you with college study requirements. Evernote is used for getting all the schedules and notes organized. Special features in Evernote include the ability to enhance the notetaking tasks with links, checklists, audio recording, and attachments. The basic Evernote is free for all. However, the advanced subscription is $7.99/user/month, the professional subscription plan is $9.99/user/month and the team account charges $14.99/user/month (Hunt, 2022).

The basic subscription provides 60 Mbs for uploading things per month, clipping web pages, receiving community support, sharing notes, searching for the text inside the images, passcode lock, syncing between two devices, and accessing the notebooks offline from the computer. However, the paid subscription offers the ability to forward emails to Evernote, present notes with one click, digitalize business cards, annotate the pdf files, and scan notes with one click. There is also a discount offer running on Evernote for the students that are 50 percent off on the regular price if you get a premium subscription.

  1. Study IQ

Study IQ is another popular educational learning app, especially for exam preparation. Study IQ provides students with an extensive variety of micro and smart courses. Micro courses are small targeted courses that increase your knowledge on a wide and deep platform. On the other hand, smart courses are the foundation-level courses for the K12 curriculum and various exams.

Courses in study IQ range from K12, defense exam, insurance, law exams, teaching exam, state PSC, UPSC/CSE, and professional courses all are available on one roof.

Courses in study IQ are combined with quizzes, ppts, course updates, lecture notes, and other various important resources related to the course activity. For instant help go for "Ask a doubt" where you will get the mentorship for a professionalist (Moharana, 2022).

  1. My study life

My study life app is a free application and can be run on iPhone, Android, Windows 8, web, and Microsoft Phone. My study life app enables you to store information related to your homework, classes, and exams on the cloud and manage them anywhere on any device. My study life provides the facility to access data offline which is great in terms of when you lose your internet connection you will have your data. Moreover, you can set tasks and remainder and can sync them on multiple platforms. The special function of My study life is that you can see when your homework has the due date for all of your classes. Plus, if you have any conflicts between classes and exams, you will get notifications for upcoming exams, incomplete tasks, and class schedules. Hence, My study life app is free which means a lot for college students by means of the budget.

  1. Chegg preps

If you are a student who loves to learn through flashcards then Chegg prep is definitely for you. You can download the Chegg prep flashcard study app for free. It enables users to create flashcards for any subject whether the subject is in Spanish or you need to prepare for SAT. you can customize the cards, you can remove them from the deck once you are mastered a card. If you don't want to go through the trouble of creating one, you can download one as thousands of flashcards are available that were created by other students.


Indeed, educational apps are a lifesaver for students whether you are attending a traditional or online class, taking a course to advance your career, or simply buying your final yea project dissertation from the Best Dissertation Help Online, these apps are wonderful that keeps you stay up in the game.

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