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10 Apps You Should Install to Be Better at School

Students nowadays often complain about being overloaded with academic assignments and have a hard time fulfilling their studying assignments. If you feel the pressure too, you might want to get a little help from technology. Today, there is an abundance of apps that can help you perform better at school – you just need to know what to install! 

There are apps out there that can fix lots of problems and help you do many things like:

  • organize your time and help focus on your studies; 
  • structure thoughts and ideas;
  • memorize things more efficiently;
  • conduct research, and more. 

In the list below, you’ll find some of the best and most popular apps that have already helped thousands of students to become better at school. Most likely, they will also help you! 

Apps to Be Better at School

For Better Writing 

Writing tasks are an essential part of the study process, whether you’re a high school or a university student. Here’s how to make them less daunting. 

Cite This for Me (ex-RefME)

Citing sources in your academic papers is as tiresome as it is inevitable. There are many tools designed to facilitate the process, but Cite This for Me is one of the oldest and most popular ones. 

It will automatically create proper citations using all the common referencing styles – Harvard, Chicago, APA, or MLA, and also help you with reference lists and bibliographies. 


Grammarly is an indispensable app for everyone, but especially for international students who are non-native English speakers as this Chrome extension will help make their writing grammatically correct and clear. 

Unlike other built-in correction tools, it checks not only spelling but also grammar. It can even fix more complex writing problems like stylistic word choice – and all this in a basic free version! 

EssayService review

Sometimes students need more help with their academic papers that goes beyond correcting minor errors. In such cases, essay writing services come in handy. 

According to this comprehensive EssayService review and the app ratings in both Google Play and AppStore, this is a perfect essay writing service for college students. It’s also available as a regular website, but an app is super convenient when you need to place an order on the go!

For Being Better at Math 

What can be more daunting than essays? Math, of course! Luckily, there are some apps to help you with that, too. 


This free, cross-platform convenient app is a real hit among software math helpers. It can read expressions and equations from any source using optical character recognition technology and provide an answer almost instantly. Now, isn’t it a dream app? 

However, be careful – you just might get addicted, and then working your calculations without it can become a real challenge for a while. 

Wolfram Alpha 

This one is a complex tool defined as a “computational knowledge engine” by its developers. In essence, it’s something like a search engine, but on a way more advanced level. 

Wolfram Alpha searches for direct answers from a huge mass of external curated data and, therefore, spares you the effort of separating the wheat from the chaff. This tool is particularly helpful with all things math – algebra, calculus & analysis, differential equations.

For Better Time-Management 

Effective time-management is key to every busy person’s success. These apps will help you structure your time and improve productivity if you’re not very organized. 

My Study Life 

It's one of the most popular scheduling apps for students out there. It’s a free cross-platform app that allows data synchronization between all of your devices so that you won’t have a chance to forget anything. 

Useful functions include creating a timetable for all of your classes, projects, and exams. You can set deadlines and get notifications, add tasks for exams, and easily see if there are any conflicts in your schedule. 

Focus To Do 

If procrastination is your problem and you have a hard time trying to focus on your studies, this is the app for you. This free cross-platform app has multiple useful features to help you increase productivity like:

  • a Pomodoro timer;
  • a to-do lister that allows prioritizing tasks and setting deadlines;
  • an anti-procrastination tool similar to a popular Forest app. 

In short, it’s an all-in-one productivity booster for those who have problems organizing themselves. 

For Structuring Thoughts and Ideas 


If you like mind maps, there are many apps built for that purpose. But GoConqr is more than just another mind-mapping tool: it's a whole network designed especially for students. 

Using it, you can join the international student community to engage in discussions, exchange study materials, create notes to share with your peers or create your own private study group. And yes, you can create mind maps with it too. 

Dragon Dictation 

You probably already use Evernote, but what about an app that can turn your “voice notes” into regular text ones? Dragon Dictation can do just that, and thus far, it’s one of the best speech transcription apps on the market. Now, taking notes is easier than ever! 

However, there’s one major drawback – this app is not free. It comes as a one-week free trial which then converts to a monthly ($14.99) or annual ($149.99) subscription. 

For Memorizing Things 

Forget about cramming – there are better ways to memorize things these days! 


This app is based on using flashcards. It allows users to create and save their custom flashcards or use the ones shared by other users, and take quizzes to check themselves. 

However, some students prefer using StudyBlue or Kahoot! for these purposes. That’s a matter of taste! 

Final Thoughts

Every student has his or her unique issues at school. Whatever yours are, you can be absolutely sure there’s an app designed to help you fix that. It’s most likely one of those listed in this article, but if not – just keep searching! Sooner or later, you’ll surely find the best apps to suit your own unique needs.

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