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10 Advantages of Enrolling Your Child in a Grammar School

Start your child’s educational journey off right by enrolling them in one of the best private grammar schools in Melbourne. Grammar schools are primary and secondary schools that select students based on their academic achievements rather than any test scores or other performance markers. 

A grammar school in Melbourne is known for providing comprehensive education with small class sizes and specialized curricula, which makes it easier for teachers to provide individualized attention to each student’s learning needs. Here are some reasons why you should consider enrolling your child in one of the best grammar schools in Melbourne, Australia.

1) They have better results

Research has shown that students who attend grammar schools have better results than their peers who attend other secondary school programs. This is likely because grammar schools are highly competitive, meaning they give their students additional support and tailored learning opportunities to help them succeed. 

Also, unlike other high schools, grammars focus on all areas of learning, including academic learning, social development, and personal interest. If you’re looking for an educational option that will prepare your child for adulthood and beyond, consider enrolling them in one of these schools in metropolitan Melbourne.

2) The teachers are more experienced

What do you get when you combine younger teachers who are just starting with older teachers nearing retirement? A great mix of teaching styles that add to your child’s overall education experience. Younger teachers generally have more energy and enthusiasm, while older ones often have years of life experience to share with students. 

The result is a grammar school classroom that offers something for everyone! Ask any student who has attended multiple schools and they’ll probably agree. There is little substitute for a good, experienced teacher. And at Melbourne’s best private schools, teachers are known not only for their dedication to education but also as mentors, leaders, and positive role models for students.

3) The classrooms are quieter

It’s easier to concentrate when there are fewer distractions, and that means you’ll be able to get more done. At every grade level, for example, there is an average increase of about 40% in class size from elementary school to middle school. 

For students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or learning disabilities like dyslexia, whose brains are already overstimulated by everyday noises such as traffic and other people talking around them, classrooms at high school can feel overwhelming.

4) Discipline is enforced

Children who attend grammar schools can have discipline enforced and have to be on time for school. Discipline is important from an early age because it teaches children how to act appropriately, learn from their mistakes, and stay focused on their goals. With that said, grammar schools offer structured learning environments that prepare children for college and future careers. 

5) There are more extracurricular activities

Many grammar schools offer more extracurricular activities than other schools. Whether your child is academically inclined or an athletic beast, chances are good that he can find his niche in a grammar school environment. And, even if he’s not, several options may be available that you wouldn’t otherwise find at your local high school. 

In addition to sports teams, most grammar schools will have art, music, and drama clubs; some may even host mock trials or stock markets for students to participate in. At many schools, students will also have easy access to early-morning Mandarin or French language classes if they wish to take them.

6) There’s more communication between parents and teachers

Most parents who have children attending grammar schools would agree with me when I say that communication between parents and teachers is at an all-time high. The teachers at these schools are always excited to see you or have time to talk with you, either by phone or face-to-face. A lot of them even encourage parent volunteers. 

As long as there’s nothing else that’s urgent, you can usually schedule a meeting with your child's teacher so that you can keep abreast about her academic progress and if there’s anything she needs help with. 

7) It prepares them for university more effectively

In grammar schools, students are encouraged to learn independently. This gives them practical experience with academic work and helps them develop excellent work habits they can build on later in life, particularly when it comes to writing assignments. 

These years also help them become more organized and develop time-management skills that will serve them well for college and university assignments down the line. 

8) They learn how to interact with others better

When your child goes to a grammar school, they’ll learn that people from all sorts of different backgrounds need to co-exist together. This is helpful because they’ll understand that when they grow up and enter the workforce, they’ll be surrounded by all kinds of diverse people. 

They will be exposed to more learning opportunities. If your child goes to an independent school, then you can expect them to be offered far more opportunities for academics. 

9) Their social skills develop faster than at primary schools

Children at grammar schools have more opportunities to work with other children. The more time they spend interacting with others, writing, reading, and speaking English, as well as working on school projects together. 

This helps them improve their communication skills and learn from other people’s mistakes. Thus, grammar school students end up being very socially adept adults who can easily get along with anyone without problems or feeling awkward about it.

10) They make friends their age more easier

Since grammar school students are often older, they have more opportunities to develop meaningful relationships with their peers. Rather than socializing with children who are just as young as they are, these children find themselves interacting with kids closer to their age. 


These are just a few of the advantages associated with enrolling your child in a grammar school in Melbourne. We made sure that parents are aware of how important it is to have their children enrolled in grammar school instead. At least now, you know that if you want to get your kids an excellent education.

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