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What if....

By Tracy Webb

Life is amazing. It is unlimited, abundant and ever changing. It never ceases to amaze me how limiting our ways are and how we live only a fraction of the potential we have within us. I once heard someone say that we come here as infinite unlimited eternal beings to experience death and limitation. All the things, that in reality, we are not. Recently I have been pondering what would happen if we had a way to give spirituality a much more united voice, a platform to reach the world and raise our consciousness together.

Throughout the ages churches have been built to bring the religious communities together, a place where people can congregate and gain support for each other. The Ashrams in India provide a similar opportunity for people to come together. India is seen as a spiritual home with many people visiting or going on pilgrimages there for spiritual sustenance. While staying in an Ashram in India and feeling part of a larger spiritual community life experiences are so much different. You live in a higher vibration and life is lived with ease. There are no worries just opportunities to 'be' and enjoy the positive energies that are always present. What if we could have that here?

When leaving such a place it is very difficult to continue with the same good feelings as life soon gets in the way. It doesn't take long until we are swept up into our old habits and slip back into our life situations as they were before and the magical experiences become just a distant memory. Without a like-minded community you are constantly trying to maintain balance in the middle of everyone else's unbalanced lifestyles. The conditioning and conformity of the majority is so overwhelming that we find ourselves reacting as before and acting unconsciously without realising. Getting caught up in the madness that we have created, forgetting who we really are and creating drama around us. Whilst knowing that life could be so much better, while the memories fade into the distance.

Through my work and my own experiences it is apparent that there are millions of spiritual 'seekers' who feel isolated and spiritually starved. The majority of the population of this planet are so conditioned to think in similar ways and act out limiting behaviours and beliefs it can be difficult for the sole seeker to maintain any kind of balance in their life let alone remember or put into practise any of the teachings they have received.

So today I found myself asking, "What if......"

The spiritual community had its own 'church' or Ashram. A place, that is recognised, nationally or even internationally. Somewhere that is road signed as churches are, that everyone knows they can go to meet with like minded people, find a space for meditation/reflection, the chance to attend workshops, listen to inspirational speakers, eat in an organic vegan/vegetarian caf with locally produced foods and buy books and crystals or such like items from in-store 'shops'. These places could offer all aspects of spiritual teachings and knowledge and not be predisposed towards any one teaching in particular. There are so many wonderful teachers doing excellent work who are working on their own trying to get their message across, a venture like this would be able to provide the space to give everyone the same opportunity to be heard and also be received by a captive audience. It seems more and more that people are coming together to put their message across. The realization, that, uniting gives us a stronger voice and a stronger community.

Religion has become fraught with problems due to its unwillingness to accept other people's beliefs and values. Many wars have been fought over such things! However misguided it has been, look what they managed to create and how dominant their voice is.

To have spiritual meeting places in every town and city could be amazing. A place that unites spirituality and gives it a collective voice. Giving people the opportunity and space to practise 'being' and sharing skills and knowledge with each other can help to strengthen and empower us individually and collectively. Like the 100th monkey syndrome - the more people that come together to meditate, learn and practice these skills the quicker it can spread and the easier it will be to incorporate the teachings into their daily lives. The more support people will have around them, the stronger their ability to maintain balance in day-to-day life. Then the more support this gathers the stronger the voice will become. A new era of living from a higher consciousness, supported by others and no longer scratching around in the dark looking for someone who understands. Can you imagine life where everyone you were around took personal responsibility for himself or herself? It would become much easier to function authentically and truthfully. Life would be transformed.

Where do we start? What can we do to bring about such changes? These are the questions I have been asking myself since realizing the potential for such a venture. I suppose all we can do is start small. Start in someone's home around the kitchen table. Make regular times to meet, talk to your friends, canvas local workshop leaders and yoga classes, and start to bring the spiritual community together. Invite local inspirational speakers in to give talks, take turns to provide homemade goodies for the session, sell or exchange your own books together. Keep the bigger vision in place, knowing that the premises will appear when the need is there. The more people who come together to provide such opportunities the quicker it will grow.

Has anyone been fired with any ideas/inspirations? Something like this would need a lot of people all over the country or even the world to make a stand and to unite spirituality, bring about oneness and unity in a world that is fragmented and forgets that everything and everyone is connected.

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