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How to Use the Ho’oponopono Technique
to Solve Your Problems?

What is Ho'oponopono? It is an ancient Hawaiian healing method brought up to date for today's world, which teaches us to let go of the blockages and problems that cause imbalance in ourselves.

Ho'oponopono is a healing technique made known by Morrnah Simeona and Dr. Len (Ihaleakala Hew Len), based on Hawaiian tradition and beliefs. Morrnah is the founder of modern-day Ho’oponopono and she taught it to Dr. Len, who also became a teacher.

This Ho’oponopono technique is based on several principles:

We are Co-creators of our own Reality

It’s important to understand that we create our reality, we are co-creators and everything we see, everything we experience, all the people around us, everything that makes up our world is there because we have created it. For some reason or motive, often subconscious, we have asked for it. It is there because we ask it and they consent to it ... therefore we are responsible for what happens in our world. We have to accept that we have 100% responsibility for all the things that happen in our lives. And this also means we have to stop blaming other people or circumstances for any issue or problem that might occur.

The Three Aspects of The Inner Family

Our mind is made up of a Conscious, a Superconscious and a Subconscious mind. Many identify the Subconscious mind with the Inner Child, who holds the key to our happiness and stores information about everything that happened in this and other lives. I say that it has the key to our happiness, because there are many experiences that we are creating without being really aware of. This child or subconscious is creating these experiences from the data and memories that he has from ancient experiences.

The desire of this Child is to be happy, like any other child in the world, he loves you and identifies with your physical being. Like any child, he needs your attention, he loves being pampered, and he needs to feel truly loved, valued, and protected. Here you can find an Inner Child meditation by Dr. Hew Len. The Conscious mind is the mother, and her most important task is to ask for forgiveness. The Superconscious mind is the father, it is a spiritual aspect.

use ho'oponopono

Divine Intelligence

There is a Divinity whose wisdom and power are far superior to ours and who loves us unconditionally. Divinity is Infinite and creates inspirations, it transmutes memories to Void or Zero. The Superconscious mind is our connection with the Divine Creator.

Surrender to the Divine to be Healed

We have to be willing to leave everything in the hands of this Divinity to heal our memories, feelings, beliefs… , to heal the very root of any unwanted or painful experience that we have, and to heal others at the same time too. We have to be willing to accept our responsibility and also at the same time accept the help of the Divine, accept that with this help we can heal and be healed.

In order to practice this technique, we must connect with our Inner Child and ask it to communicate with the Divine and tell it: "Divinity please cleanse in me what is contributing to this problem appearing." Then you have to say: “I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.”

By doing this I am asking the Divine to delete programs (memories) in me so that they are also erased in other people, I am asking to heal my Inner Child to heal myself and others.

You can also use ho’oponopono if you are not conscious of problems, you don’t need to know what the problem or program is in order to clean it.

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