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Why Spiritual Inspiration Music?

By Maurice Turmel

Rockin' Blues music with Reggae influences touches the soul and awakens the heart. Spiritual Inspiration Music with a Rockin Blues flavor takes us to Love, Growth and Connection with the Divine. Because music touches our Heart, it awakens us to a deeper truth about whom and what we are and why we are here on this splendid planet. We subtract all our resistances when confronted with music that moves us. Blues has always been associated with Heart and Soul, because it came from the Southern US and was all about healing the pain and suffering that Black Americans were privy to more than any other minority group.

The fact that it was taken up by white Americans in the 50s clearly demonstrated its power to move and engage people. Even though it had been sanitized by the White Dominated Music Industry, it still carried enough of that original flavor to excite and animate a new population of post war children. Rock and Roll became a mantra for a new generation, the generation I grew up with, as have most of you in the over 55 population.

These songs that I have written and recorded come from my heart and yes, the Great Beyond, where Spiritual Inspiration Music dwells. The music comes from the very same place, emotionally speaking, that was awakened by Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino and The Platters, to name a few. This Rockin Blues Beat is what I've borrowed from to create the foundation for the messages I receive daily from my God within. Through my Heart Centre is how God teaches me to express myself poetically and musically. This Source of Inner Truth is what I trust the most and what I rely on to take me through life. No one is more surprised than I that I am creating and recording such music in my mid 60s.

I believe that Spiritual Inspiration Music and Psychological Development go hand in hand. They both have been part of my life for over 5 decades. I see that these components rely on each other to teach us new things about ourselves. First they draw us in with the beat. As we surrender ourselves to this soulful vibration, the lyrical message makes its way through to our hearts. Because we are now open we receive the song's deeper message, we are touched, we are moved, and that puts us in a position to change our lives for the better. Yes, some music is about Anarchy and Devolution, but that is not the case with Spiritual Inspiration Music. It lifts us up. And if the lyrical message supports the truth of our souls, it puts us into contact with the Divine.

These musical vibrations involve us at a cellular level. They open us up to ourselves, and let us feel our lives and our connection to Source at a deeper level. They help us identify what is ours to bear and to express in terms of challenges, wounds to heal and preparation for a life of service. Spiritual Inspiration Music makes it easier for us to surrender to our Inner Truth and Guidance.

Growth is all there is you see, and Spiritual Inspiration Music allows you to grow to your fullest potential. Nothing excites us more than music, and music is a symbol to the Soul. It is a symbol of Love and Gratitude, of Expansion and Growth, of Daring and Persuasion. It presents the opportunity of advancing ourselves through our causes and delights.

When we speak of Bliss, we speak of music's power to open us up. When we seek out such music, we do so to align ourselves with those higher vibrations. These then turn us around to allow us to view ourselves from a whole different perspective. This view can be awesome, stupendous, and even outrageous. For in this viewing do we see ourselves soar, beyond limits imposed by others and our society - ergo, the revolutionary nature of this music born in the 50s.

Add to the above the sound of a Reggae Beat and we see another connection to the suffering that Blues showed us with Black Americans. I was introduced to Reggae in 1965 when visiting Jamaica as a young 20 year old with the Canadian Navy. I have been moved by that beat ever since and celebrate everything delivered to us by Bob Marley and company.

Who were the first artists to actually acknowledge and blend this blues and reggae music into their soundscapes? It was the British Bands of the 60s and 70s. There were some great white American Blues Bands that also brought this music forward, (e.g. Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Jake Eells Blues Band and Dutch Mason Blues Band), but never saw it become mainstream like the British Rockers did.

History aside, Spiritual Inspiration Music with a Rockin / Blues / Reggae foundation is the path I have chosen to follow. When you listen to my compositions you will also hear traces of American Country Rock like the Eagles and 1950s Country Artists such as Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, The Sons of the Pioneers and Hank Williams. This is the musical soup I have been steeped in and the foundation upon which I have erected my musical efforts as I tied them to my psychology training and personal spiritual growth efforts.

Am I a Christian artist? Some would say yes. Am I a New Age artist? Yes to that too. There is no exclusivity between myself and how the Word of God presents itself to me through this music. I celebrate Life from the inside out and in many respects this music becomes a prayer between my Soul and God's Heart. Judge for yourself. Come and have a listen and tell me what you think.

Who is Maurice Turmel?
Dr. Maurice Turmel (aka Dr. Moe) has been involved with Spiritual and Personal Growth programs all of his adult life. While doing so he picked up a few degrees (BA, MA & PhD in Psychology) and worked as a therapist for 25 years providing services to individuals, families and major corporations. Over the years he has absorbed hundreds of Self-Help and New Age books and has written several books of his own including The Voice - A Metaphor for Personal Development and Mythical Times: Exploring Life, Love & Purpose.

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