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Who Am I? And Why Am I Here?

By Maurice Turmel

"Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party." That was a familiar phrase back when I was learning to type and leads us to the following story:

Once upon a time there was a young man named Moe. He came into the world not knowing who he was or what his purpose was.

Moe struggled all his life to "get it", but he kept falling down again and again, as he had so many times before, because he wanted to know it all and he couldn't. This brought him to this juncture in life to which you have just arrived. We are attempting to discover who we are and what our life purpose is.

Moe has been up and down this road many times and still has to learn that he is okay being just who he is. Who he is, in fact, is just perfect, thank you. He has a lot more to learn about that particular point.

So here we go again, traveling on this journey through time, trying to figure out who we are and looking for "it" out there, usually in our accomplishments and achievements.

If I said: "you are a person of great value," who would you believe? Me, as the person saying it or, you, as the person in denial?

"Who defines us?" you ask. "Well, I do," should be the answer. But clearly that is not the case.

For example, I define myself through my work? "Yes!" Through my accomplishments? "Yes!" And through my failures? "Why yes, that too!"

I define myself by how others see me and, I, myself adopt this external viewpoint. I validate certain experiences as good, and others as shameful, unworthy, unacceptable. Again, I use that same external reference point to determine who I am.

If I want to change who I am, I change the accomplishments column. I try on new things. I grow. I prosper. I may even thrive. But in the end I am still me, standing on the outside, looking at me from that external point of view.

How do I change this? I have to change my point of view. I need to adopt an internal viewpoint that describes me as I really am, through characteristics such as: kind, gentle, caring, open-minded, open-hearted, alert and giving. If these are my characteristics, then they define me better than any external circumstances could. Because I can change externals, new house, office, car or job. But I can't really change internal characteristics, can I?

Oh yes, you can!

What I am about to share with you is a secret handed down through the ages and what the sages knew for a fact. I am a Being of Light. I come to this Earth for a purpose. I live that purpose on a day to day basis. And I endeavor to bring forth who I am, while aiming at what I would like to become.

I want to change things for the better. So I have to tweak the knobs somehow. These are the knobs that are only accessible through the process of self-discovery, through uncovering inherent talents and abilities, and demonstrating a willingness to begin anew each day. Yes, we are talking about innate characteristics. As you can see, we return regularly to this very point.

As a Being of Light I can change things that are mine to change, but can I ever change my Being? Not surprisingly, the answer is no. That state was given to us by the Great Creator. He/She decreed you and I to be Beings of Light. Can't change that. I am what I am, and so are you!

So who am I then? God incarnate? Or am I something else altogether? Let's just pause for a moment and consider those questions again: "Who am I? and Why am I here?"

Over and over, these questions continue to repeat themselves. Listen closely! I am here for a purpose. Who's purpose is it? Is the Creator's purpose mine and mine alone? Do I define that purpose on my own, or do I ask: "Hey Lord, why am I here?"

"You are here for a reason," He would say. "And that reason is what?" you counter. "You have to discover that for yourself."

Be assured that you do have the answer. There is a group of possibilities before you which you can activate. And those that are activated will determine who you are at this time.

We are here for a purpose. Our God Self alleges that we can know that purpose, which has certain reference points that we can identify as our characteristics. As we move to the next stage of our evolution, we are required to express that Inner Self, which is our expression of The Great Creator within.

I have yet to find a loophole in any of this, try as I might. When our God Self says there is such a purpose - then it is so! Discovering Who You Are is essentially that purpose. That's the end game, frustrating as it may seem. We are here for a purpose. We are alive with such purpose and that purpose expresses itself through our Being.

If we want to know that purpose, we need to pay attention to how we express characteristics, such as kindness, caring, curiosity, open-mindedness and determination. Otherwise, we miss uncovering who we are at this characteristic level.

Let your purpose be that which you express, as yourself, your inner Being, your portion of the Light. The Great Creator is here to help shape, guide and push you along your way.

This is very important. As you shall soon see, this mentoring capacity, coming from the inside, keeps us moving forward. And each of us has the capacity to carry this purpose forward in our communion with others, influencing their purpose as they do ours. This has been humanity's story since the dawn of time.

Who is Maurice Turmel?
Dr. Maurice Turmel (aka Dr. Moe) has been involved with Spiritual and Personal Growth programs all of his adult life. While doing so he picked up a few degrees (BA, MA & PhD in Psychology) and worked as a therapist for 25 years providing services to individuals, families and major corporations. Over the years he has absorbed hundreds of Self-Help and New Age books and has written several books of his own including The Voice - A Metaphor for Personal Development and Mythical Times: Exploring Life, Love & Purpose.

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