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We Are Spiritual Beings

By Tracy Hamilton

I’ve always been fond of saying life is what you make it. Although life is full of opportunities to grow and learn about ourselves, it is also unfamiliar and doesn’t feel natural to us. 

As ‘humans’ we seem to collectively have this underlying belief that we are not good enough and not worthy of good things. We constantly talk negatively to ourselves, and find fault in everything we do. 

There seems to be a background anxiety that runs through everyone. I started to ask what that was, and through my questioning, I began to understand that we are not ‘humans’ and that we have been living against our true nature by trying to be something that we are not. 

The basis of my understanding comes from this well known phrase: 

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. 

This means that we are Spirit experiencing ourselves as humans, separate and limited; when we are not. We are Spirit by nature, seen and unseen, but because we believe what we ‘see’ we think we are individual human beings. 

Being Spiritual beings having a human experience means we have a perceived body and separate form, and can choose who is at the helm; ourselves and our ‘human mind’, or Spirit/God and Its Mind. 

When we choose to be in charge through the ‘human mind’, it is no wonder the life we experience doesn’t feel ‘right’. It’s as if we have spent our whole life trying to fit into something we are not aligned with. 

It is time to start living as Spiritual beings and not humans. There are so many books, and ‘experts’ telling us how to navigate the human life, and how to better ourselves. They don’t work! If they did the world would be a different place. 

We don’t need any more ways of fitting into a life that is alien to us, we need a new handbook that helps us to live in harmony with life, and ourselves as Spiritual Beings. 

We are Spirit through and through; and so is all that exists. When we understand how Spirit/God functions then we can discover how to live in harmony with that. 

I have always known that there is more to life than we can see. I have been able to see Spirit since I was a child, and my life has been filled with psychic experiences and prophetic dreams. 

I have spent most of my life searching for meaning, and typically - as with all seekers - once I stopped searching, I found that we are already everything, and that there is nothing to look for. 

It became apparent to me that I was seeing a world of separation and fear ‘out there’ because I was believing that I am a ‘human being’ with a Spiritual nature. 

I was trying to make Spiritual principles fit into a false ‘human world’ which has no existence of itself, instead of seeing all that exists as Spiritual of nature and therefore self supportive. 

Life is Spiritual and has to be treated that way for It to work in harmony with your nature. 

When we look outside of ourselves into a perceived world of separation, all we can see are problems all around us. This is just a false belief . 

Depending on what you have identified yourself as - a human body or a spiritual being - will determine what you experience, and how you experience Life. 

What we are actually seeing ‘out there’ is only the effect of what is going on in our minds. With the beliefs we hold, we are the cause, and the human world we see is the effect of our thinking and beliefs. It is not Reality, just individual perception; without God consciousness/awareness. 

That is why it is so challenging to see through the illusion - everything conspires to make us believe it. Life really is what we believe it to be, and will always come up to our expectations of it. However, that doesn’t make it real. It makes it feel real and seem real because we are so identified with it, and believe it to be so. 

I realized that the fear that arises out of feeling that we are separate, and not living in harmony with our true nature creates the life that we are all leading, along with the familiar experience we all have of anxiety, fear, sickness and poverty that runs through our days. 

Living like this, with such beliefs, drives us to act in ways that are dysfunctional. When we are aligned to our Spiritual nature there is nothing to fear because life is seen as being supportive and self- sustaining. 

Life really has no meaning apart from the one we assign to it. Whatever we decide is so, will become a power over us. I’m sure you will be able to find a million reasons why this life you live as a human is ‘real’, but it won’t make it so in Reality, just as a belief; and as your experience. 

The human mind projects out thoughts and feelings at any given time onto the present moment, and this blocks our ability to experience ‘Now’ and see only the Source/God manifest at all times in all things. 

How can Life be anything unlike Itself? It is manifested from Perfection and Oneness, therefore it cannot be separate or different in nature from its source. 

Obviously when we think of ourselves as humans then that is the reality we will experience. However, it is not The Reality of Life. 

When we see and know everything to be spiritual of nature, Life acts differently for us. All life becomes connected, and interacts together, supporting Itself through Itself. Spiritual nature is unlimited, perfect and infinite; existing everywhere at all times in perfect harmony. 

Life becomes harmonious and enjoyable. We feel supported, and guided. We have a sense that ‘someone has got our back’ and because we are connected to our Source, everything works ‘as it should’. 

Living as if you are a human, separate from everything and everyone else, has made life very difficult.

When life is seen as Spiritual it can be communicated with. It is experienced as being alive and full of possibilities. 

If you were to know that you are a spiritual being having a human experience as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin suggests...

How would you live your life differently? What would it mean to be spirit in a form? 

What would having a ‘body’ open up for you, who is otherwise formless? 

When you live as a Spiritual being under Spiritual principles, life can become an exciting adventure!

Tracy Hamilton has written a short e-book about her journey to Oneness, and this article is an introduction to its principles and ideas. She is making plans to run retreats to teach the principles in the UK, Europe and Peru. Tracy is a mindfulness and meditation teacher of many years and has sat 14 Vipassana courses since 2004.
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