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Top Signs You're Having a Spiritual Emergency

Spiritual awakening

Going through a spiritual awakening is a beautiful experience. It lets you see and feel the world in new and untold ways.

While this can also be positive, it can also lead to a spiritual emergency. These emergencies are severe crises that you could experience not long after an awakening, or even during it.

These tend to occur when the awakening process has been sped up. It can often lead to the journey becoming overwhelming. Some people even report being terrified.

As you experience a spiritual emergency, you could feel as though your mind is destabilising. You’ll need to know whether or not you’re having one of these before you can treat it.

It can be caused by multiple things during your awakening, such as wondering when is the rapture.

There are multiple signs of a spiritual emergency that you should be aware of. You should be on the lookout for them during your spiritual awakening.

Common Signs of a Spiritual Emergency


Your senses can change dramatically when you’re in a state of spiritual emergency. You can be much more sensitive to multiple things, including light, sound, and touch.

It’s also not uncommon to feel as though you’re out of balance, clumsy, and have similar characteristics. You could also have unexplained tastes or smells.

These can subsequently be followed by similar sensations.


When you’re suffering from a spiritual emergency, your cognitive functions may not operate as effectively as they typically do. That’ll only be for a short time.

The way a spiritual emergency can affect your mind can be felt quite noticeably. You could find that everyday life could become more difficult for a time.

Your sense of time could be distorted. Alongside this, you could feel lost or in a state of flux. These can all be difficult thoughts to experience, although they will pass.

It’s worth noting that there could be some positive parts of this. You could feel a greater connection with the natural world throughout this process.


Many people don’t expect a spiritual emergency to have as many behavioural changes as it does. They can often be unsure about what these signs are because of that.

You might believe that these behaviour changes would mean that you’d find it difficult to express emotions and thoughts. While that could be true, the opposite could also be the case.

Some people find that they can express their thoughts and feelings more freely. Which way this may affect you will depend on how you typically share your feelings.

You should look for any changes in your overall behaviour. Even minor ones can be a sign of a spiritual emergency. These changes will typically be quite dramatic, however.

Dreams & Intuitions

Your dreams and intuitions will be some of the more notable signs of a spiritual emergency. Your memories and visions could also fall into this category.

As a result, you’ll need to focus on these during your spiritual awakening. With an emergency, these can become quite negative. In turn, that can cause excess negative emotion.

Many people find these experiences confusing and difficult to process. It’s not uncommon for people to have what they believe are psychic events and experiences.

While these can be enough to scare you if you haven’t had them before, you shouldn’t get too scared. Instead, you can use these as insights into your spiritual awakening.

Some of the more notable experiences that have been commonly reported include:

  • Telepathy
  • Clairvoyance
  • Precognition

It’s also not uncommon for someone going through a spiritual emergency or awakening to have an out-of-body experience. As scary as these can be, relaxing and focusing on calming and positive things can help you get through them.

Taking the time to slow things down can be recommended. Rushing through things can only make things worse, making it more than worth avoiding.

Common Signs of a Spiritual Emergency: Wrapping Up

When you’re going through a spiritual awakening, you’ll want it to be as positive as possible. Avoiding a spiritual emergency is a significant part of this.

Once the emergency has set in, it could be too late to stop it. Knowing the signs of a spiritual emergency can help you slow down and look after yourself.

Keeping the above in mind is essential. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your spiritual awakening is as positive as possible.

While a spiritual emergency can be a scary and difficult journey to get through, it isn’t impossible. Focusing on positives and trying to relax can be well-recommended.

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