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How We Should Choose Our Belief?

Wisdom on How to Live Life

The following article is extracted from
the book "Wisdom on How to Live Life (Book 3)"
by Dr. Tommy S. W. Wong

Guru: Do you see the importance of beliefs?

Tom: Yes, I do. Different beliefs give diametrically opposite outcomes.

Guru: That’s why we should choose our beliefs carefully and wisely.

Tom: But how?

Guru: When you choose your belief, ask one question.

Tom: What is the question?

Guru: Does it bring love or fear?

Tom: If it brings love?

Guru: Then, the belief is spiritually sound.

Tom: You mean it’s in line with the divine laws?

Guru: Yes, it’s in line with the Divine.

Tom: Amen.

Dr. Tommy S. W. Wong

Tommy Wong As a bestselling author on Amazon, Dr. Tommy Wong is the author of the book series “Wisdom on How to Live Life,” and other philosophical, spiritual, and self-help books. Since 2009, his books have been available on Amazon and many other online bookstores worldwide. More articles are available here and further information about Dr. Wong’s work can be found on his FB page.

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