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Why People Are Not Receptive to the “New” Consciousness?

Wisdom on How to Live Life Book 3

The following article is extracted from
the book "Wisdom on How to Live Life (Book 3)"
by Dr. Tommy S. W. Wong

Tom: What you’ve said makes so much sense to me. Why are some people not receptive to your ideas?

Guru: Yes, it’s puzzling.

Tom: That’s right. This is the puzzle. Why aren’t they receptive to your ideas?

Guru: Old consciousness.

Tom: Old what? Can you explain?

Guru: Okay. Let’s suppose we come into this world like an empty cup.

Tom: So we’re empty.

Guru: As we go through life, our cup is being filled.

Tom: So we’re getting filled.

Guru: After many years, our cup is full.

Tom: So we’re full.

Guru: What happens when the cup is full, and we continue to fill it with water?

Tom: The water will overflow.

Guru: Will the ‘new’ water go into the cup?

Tom: How can the ‘new’ water go into the cup? It is already full of ‘old’ water!

Guru: Is it any use to continue to pour ‘new’ water into the cup?

Tom: No, it’s useless.

Guru: So how can we fill the cup with ‘new’ water?

Tom: We need to throw away the ‘old’ water.

Guru: Exactly. So how can people be receptive to the ‘new’ consciousness?

Tom: They need to throw away the ‘old’ consciousness.

Guru: Will this be a problem?

Tom: It’ll be a problem to some because they have been taught the ‘old’ consciousness for thousands of years.

Guru: Has the ‘old’ consciousness brought peace to Earth?

Tom: No peace on Earth. There’s only violence.

Guru: So, is the ‘old’ consciousness working?

Tom: Certainly not!

Guru: Well, then it’s time to empty our cup and fill it with something new.

Tom: Like the ‘new’ consciousness?

Guru: Like the ‘new’ consciousness.

Dr. Tommy S. W. Wong

Tommy Wong As a bestselling author on Amazon, Dr. Tommy Wong is the author of the book series “Wisdom on How to Live Life,” and other philosophical, spiritual, and self-help books. Since 2009, his books have been available on Amazon and many other online bookstores worldwide. More articles are available here and further information about Dr. Wong’s work can be found on his website and FB page.

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