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The Secret of Anything is Consciousness of That Thing

By Enoch Tan

The secret of anything is consciousness of that thing. Intention is the offspring of consciousness. When you are conscious of something, you are also intending it. What you intend is what you manifest. Wealth, health and happiness are states of being and also states of mind. Your actions are naturally guided by your thoughts. Just like focusing on a telephone pole during a skid causes you to turn your steering wheel towards the pole, your doing comes from your being, which manifests all of your having.

The secret of power is consciousness of power. When you are weak, it is because you have lost consciousness of power. The moment you are conscious of your power, you feel powerful and manifest power. In every situation you are in, be conscious of your power. Never let another person rob you of your consciousness of power, because that is the first step to rendering you powerless in their presence. All power is mental, and power to whom power exerts. No power is truly external but all power is internal.

The secret of success is consciousness of success. Think and feel success, and your actions will be guided towards success by your subconscious mind. The reason of failure is not so much based on the actions that a person takes, but the consciousness behind the actions. Those who think success will cause their actions to result in success whereas those who think failure will cause their actions to result in failure. Success is in the start. You are a success the moment you see yourself as a success.

The secret of wealth is consciousness of wealth. In order to experience abundance, you have to be abundant. Abundance is your true nature, and when you think, act and live according to it, you will manifest abundance. The rich in mentality get richer while the poor in mentality get poorer. The accumulation of material wealth begins with wealth consciousness. Pursuing spiritual development before working on wealth creation is the key to attaining both inner and outer riches. The outer is reflection of inner.

The secret of health is consciousness of health. Disease is a lack of ease psychologically and physically. Conflicting thoughts and feelings in your consciousness is what causes this state of distress. When you notice yourself becoming sick, watch for conflicting thoughts that have arisen within your consciousness and resolve them. Either push them all one way or the other, or find a way to hold them in a harmonious way. External remedies only cure symptoms but dealing with consciousness cures at root.

The secret of love is consciousness of love. Even though you may love a person, you may not always be loving to that person. Sometimes in difficult moments, you have to choose whether to be loving or unloving. Being conscious of your love and choosing to be loving in those moments is what makes all the difference. You experience love for yourself when you are conscious of the love that the universe has for you. Out of the love that you feel for yourself from The Creator, you can express the love to another.

The secret of influence is consciousness of influence. Men who command greater influence over other men are those who are conscious of their own influence. They speak knowing that others would listen. Their claims are not weak and their appeals not uncertain. To be a power persuader or communicator, you must believe in yourself. It is no so much about the message you say, but the belief in what you say that moves people. What comes from the heart goes to the heart. Strong minds are world powers.

The secret of enlightenment is consciousness of enlightenment. The attainment of enlightenment is not an elusive thing. Becoming enlightened does not require years of cultivation or huge amount of effort. The shortest path to enlightenment is through realization. It is a thing of the mind. When you are conscious of enlightenment, you will connect with the universal mind to draw inspiration and alignment of your thoughts which bring you towards realizing the true nature of all reality. Enlightenment is mental.

The secret of effortlessness is consciousness of effortlessness. In anything you do, you can do it the hard way or you can do it the easy way. It is your belief that creates the kind of experience you have with doing something. For the accomplishment of anything, there are others who have done it in less time, with less effort without losing quality or effect. Consciousness of effortlessness is the way to transcend the world, because it is doing work in alignment with the divine. Act with mind on effortlessness.

The secret of nirvana or happiness is consciousness of happiness. Nirvana or happiness is not something you wait for a long time to happen to you. Nirvana or happiness is a state you enter the moment you shift your consciousness into it. Being conscious of things that make you happy causes you to feel happiness. The more you think about the happy things in life, the more happiness you feel, and the more conditions of happiness you attract. You can experience happiness and create more of it at will.

The secret of secrets is the consciousness of secrets. All the truths about life are not secrets, but they are hidden from us due to our ignorance. By thinking about the discovery of truths as a search for the secrets, we motivate our subconscious mind to go on a treasure hunt. The greatest treasure in this world is wisdom, and life is to be plaid as a treasure hunting game. Treasures are meant to be appreciated and so when you think of truths as secrets, your appreciative mindset will draw them all to you.

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