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No One Else Can Take Your Place in This World

By Enoch Tan

There is only one you. There is no one else like you and there will never ever be anyone else like you. You have a gift to offer that can touch the world in a way that no other person's gift can do. It is not the gift but it is you. The whole world would be denied experience of that gift without you. No one else can take the place that God has purposed for you to express the uniqueness and beauty of you. God never creates extras or substitutes. Every person is significant in their contribution no matter what it is.

God has a special purpose for you that only you can fulfill. You were created specially for it and all the talents, giftings and even your entire unique personality was given for the fulfillment of that purpose. The fulfillment of your dream, the resources and all the opportunities have been reserved for you and you alone. No one else can take them away from you or cause you to lose your place. It is always there waiting and all you have to do is open up yourself to receiving it by following your heart's desire.

If you look at all the products in the world, you will see that there is only one product of its kind. Each has its own unique packaging, style, name, brand, design, quality and characteristics. No two products are identical even though they are being promoted to the same market. Each product would be made perfectly just for a particular person or group of people. There is always room for your unique product or service in this world. We would never know what yours is if you never allowed yourself to bring it.

The trouble with what most people are doing is that they are following what someone else is doing and trying to be like that person. Just because that person is successful in his or her own way, it doesn't mean that you're supposed to do it exactly the same way to get exactly the same kind of results. Your way of doing things and your kind of results are yours alone. The people who are truly successful, happy and fulfilled expressed their own way rather than follow the identical steps of another.

The best gift that you could ever offer to this world is yourself. You are a unique expression of God and by giving what is uniquely yours, you are allowing the rest of us to experience an aspect of God that is unlike any other. Everyone is born original but most people die copies. Be yourself rather than trying to be like somebody else. Express the uniqueness of who you are. Expressing true originality in this world is rarer than we think it is. Those who have the courage to be are the legends we remember.

Not everyone may accept or appreciate what you do but there are those who will. You are not here to please men but to please God, which is the spirit that is seeking expression through you. When you try to please others you will never be truly happy. That is because you are distorting yourself to fit into what is supposed to be acceptable to others rather than expressing purely that which you are, and in the form that you truly desire to express. When you please God, you would be truly happy.

We think that if we are going to do what many people are already doing, then we are competing with them. That is why we look for a less competitive market rather than doing what we truly desire to be doing. The truth is there is no competition. You are not competing against each other. You are actually promoting each other because you help introduce each other's unique products into new markets. You are all truly working for the same purpose which is the highest good of all. We're here working for God.

You don't have to worry that other people's products or services are better than yours, and therefore you feel less qualified to offer yours to the world. Do not compare yourself and what you have to offer with anyone else. There is no better or worse product in this world if it is created from the heart. It is just different, and the difference of each product is what enables it to make a difference in this world. Seek to be the best you can be. No one else can do what you do therefore yours is the best uniquely.

The greatest people cannot be compared with anyone else because they express their own uniqueness and their own gifts to the best of their abilities, that they are completely in a league of their own. People seek them for who they are rather than how much better they are compared with others. To everyone, such people are the best the way they are. If you allow all that you are to shine in the brightest way, there is room for the whole world to experience and enjoy what you offer to the greatest degree.

You will never create the way someone else creates, and no one else would create the way you do either. Even if you and someone else are doing the same things, you will both reach two different audiences. You are able to reach a different group of people that others are not able to reach because of your unique way of expressing things. The combined influence that you both have on different audiences will help elevate the well being of the world to a higher level. You are both synergistically helping people..

The beautiful thing of it all is that there is only One. We are all one being expressing itself in different unique forms. Everyone else is an aspect of yourself. You are the one that creates the intention and the one that fulfills it. Whenever you feel a desire to create something for this world, there is someone or a group of people already desiring for someone to create it. For every person who has something to sell, there is a person who is looking to buy it. We are all one, fulfilling each other's intentions and desires.

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