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Your Emotional State Affects Your Whole Reality

By Enoch Tan

It's so amazing how everything about you can change from one moment to another depending on what you are conscious about. When you operate from a different state of consciousness, you will have a different set of thoughts and feelings flowing through you. Your entire range of thoughts can shift from one to another when you move from one state of feeling into another. The frequency of vibration you are experiencing puts you into a whole different reality altogether.

That is why it is important to be in the right emotional state in order to communicate and act in the right way. When you act from right states, you will have the right effects. The energy you give out is the results you get. Whenever you want to do something that is important to you, first change your state of consciousness to one where you are experiencing positive feelings and then go ahead and act from that state.

Of course you may not always be able to get yourself into a positive state with positive feelings at first. You may have to start off with a less positive state and emotion but as you move through with that state and work with getting it engaged in the beginning, you can fulfill the purpose the negative state is meant to serve and then shift it to a more positive state and emotion. Then you can bring the emotional state to higher and higher levels from there.

When you are in a low state of vibration and emotion, you find that there are many things you can't seem to do. The truth is that we can't do anything unless we feel like doing it. Even if we do it without the necessary emotions for it, we will not be able to do it with the quality and effectiveness it should have. Our emotions affect the quality and effectiveness of our actions in a big way. Your actions have more effectiveness when you act with positive states and emotions.

When we are in a high state of vibration and emotion, we are able to express ourselves in ways that we never thought we could in the place and setting we are in. Positive states and emotions opens up our most amazing abilities and talents to display. Higher states of consciousness gives you greater freedom of expression. When you are moods are lower, you are more heavy and stuck. When you are happier, you are lighter and freer. When your state of consciousness and emotions and free flowing, your thoughts and actions will be free flowing.

What seems real to you in one moment of thinking and feeling can seem totally the opposite in another moment of thinking and feeling. There are two kinds of truth in reality. Truth that is based on objective reality is objective truth. Truth that is based on subjective reality is subjective truth. Subjective truth changes from moment to moment according to how you feel in the moment.

Remember that perception shapes reality, literally. You are constantly creating reality with your consciousness. When your emotional states and vibrations are low, you tap into a timeline where your future is bleak, hopeless and negative. When your emotional states and vibrations are high, you tap into a timeline where your future is bright, happy and positive. You are moving towards an alternate probable future when you resonate with its vibrational frequency.

When you want to get someone to do something you want them to do, first put them in a positive state of emotion and then make your suggestion while they are in the midst of that state. Putting them into positive states and emotions opens their heart and makes them receptive to your suggestions. When you change their feelings, their decisions will change automatically. Their behavior changes as soon as their emotion changes.

You find that you are able to experience creativity, inspiration, insight, guidance and intuition when you are in positive states and emotions. That is because those things exist at a higher vibrational level of reality and you tap into that level when your emotional vibrations are higher. Positive feelings unlock the door to all those inner resources within you and allows them to flow freely into your conscious perception.

It is amazing how much power, ability and success you have access to when you are in higher states of consciousness. Seek first the kingdom of God and all those things you desire will be added to your life. The kingdom of God is within you. It is your consciousness and emotional states. The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the spirit. When you intentions are positive and you are feeling joy with an underlying serenity, you will attract and manifest all that your heart desires.

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