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Discover Your Dreams

By Ashleigh Stewart

One natural gift I have is a great tool for healing as it allows me to access the information about myself, my life and my experiences, which is all stored in the different levels of my own being and at the level of my soul. This ability also allows me to have direct contact with my guides during my sleep state, which is when the most highly accurate and effective communication takes place for me at this point in my growth. This is because in my sleep state there is no interference by what is going on in my rational conscious mind. This ability I have - and you have too - is called dreaming!

Each and every night I have dreams and each one is always very different to the other. Yet, regardless of the difference, each one bears its own special significance in my life.

We all have this ability to dream but some people are more natural dreamers than others. In reality, this does not matter because as long as you have a strong enough desire and intention to cultivate your abilities then you really can do anything you wish! So not being able to recall your dreams is not as big a problem for you as you may have thought!

So, as I said before, we all do have the ability to dream and we can learn how to understand dreams and use them as a tool for healing and personal growth. If you are one of the many people who claim that they cannot recall any of their dreams then there are reasons for this. However, these reasons are not important and I do not feel that it is necessary for me to go into details of what these reasons are.

My interest here is to get you to begin focusing on developing your hidden ability to dream into being your trusty tool in life. The first and most important thing that you must do is change your attitude to that of a positive one - to stop reinforcing the negative idea that you cannot dream. Whilst remaining focused on what you cannot do, of course your ability to dream will remain being stagnant and unproductive!

The idea is to project a positive intention to your subconscious mind by saying: "Yes, I can and I will train myself to dream because my dreams are a part of me and they will help me to understand my growth in life and show me the areas that I need to pay attention to for healing." Another thing which you will find helpful is to always talk to your subconscious at night before you go to sleep. What I usually like to do is say to myself: "I would like to have a psychic dream tonight, one which has a significant message to help me heal, grow and to improve my life."

In the morning after the first night you try this exercise, you will see if you have dreamt or if you have not. This point of evaluation is where the second most important factor of dreaming comes into play and that is patience! Many of you who are reading this have believed until now that you cannot dream. I am using this 'assumption' if I may because many of the people I know whom I have discussed the subject of dreams with tell me that they never have dreams. By reinforcing that belief you have programmed your subconscious to believe that too and in effect it will act according to that projection. It may take a little time for what you have programmed to be reversed and for you to see progress in your ability to dream.

Patience is very important when it comes to the point of receiving divine messages from either your own soul or your guides, because many times you will receive a strong dream with a profound message or symbol, yet you might not be able to interpret its meaning or significance in your life at that time! Do not worry at all if this happens because it is very normal, believe me! It happens to me all the time and I have managed to understand why we experience dreams such as these. Let me share my understanding with you!

All this means is that you are simply not meant to know all the details of your experiences at that time in your life or in the future. If you are presented with all the details then it is almost certain that you will alter the course of your experiences' progression. Why is this so? Well, we humans typically by nature do like to judge and create expectations of what we 'think' we should do or what we 'think' should happen in our lives. We are brought up to function this way. Whether we realize it or not many of us actually do believe that by having expectation, or should I say 'judgment', of what should happen then we are giving ourselves motivation to get on in life!

This is all very nice, but on a universal scale, human judgment is not unconditional love and that which is not unconditional love creates limitation which can conflict with our soul's intended plan of karmic progression. Our dreams are basically the door to communicating the soul's intention to the subconscious of the human being. So, even if we do not understand what is going on in our dreams on our human conscious level, we must understand that our subconscious does already have all the answers.

This process of having information revealed to us takes place slowly and in this way for a good reason. It is in order that the subconscious and conscious mind of our human 'being' is gradually prepared for the challenge of the forthcoming experience without being too 'shocked'.

The third key, and the one which bears just as much significance as the two points I gave before is that of trust. You must trust in yourself, your guides and of course your own soul. Remember, you are here in order to grow and your soul will create any experience which is required in order to keep you moving along the path of growth and healing and towards conscious awareness.

You must always remember that whatever happens in your life has been created by you according to your own thoughts and perception. This applies to your dreams too and if you do not genuinely trust that your dreams can reveal messages and guidance to you in your life then they will not. If you believe that you are not able or psychically strong enough to have prophetic dreams then you will not.

Psychic ability is largely based upon trust. Our ability to heal ourselves is based on trust too and if you do not trust yourself and the power of your own intention then you are seriously limiting your own creative potential. We are the masters of our own life and our life will evolve according to whatever we project and how we 'expect' it to. We all have great potential but it is how we use that potential which is important, so why not try a change of attitude?

After all, you have come this far in reading my article and if you didn't feel the 'twinge' that you needed some help improving your life then you would not be here in the first place! My advice is to begin helping yourself because in the end we do have all of our own answers within but we will not find them whilst we are afraid to dig in deep and discover what we can really do. Just don't be afraid of who you are. Embrace yourself!

I wish you all sweet dreams!

Ashleigh Stewart Ghabi is devoted to her work with The Free Spirit Centre where she writes on the subjects of healing and personal growth. All her articles are inspired from what she experiences in her own life. She is also devoted to working with Spiritual Healing energy. This is not only by 'hands on' energy channeling and absent healing; this healing gift is also reflected in her written and spoken work. Ashleigh is a natural medium and works primarily with Clairvoyance, Tasseomancy and Tarot readings.
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