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Spirituality and Why We Need It


The topic of spirituality is often an interesting one. You may not believe in the supernatural or a higher power out there, and this is perfectly okay. Yet, since the dawn of time, humankind has strived to something bigger than itself. The reason behind this is straightforward – we are a social species that cannot survive well on one's own. That's why our entire scientific, spiritual and recreational endeavour has focused on collective activities. Such collectivism is seen in top bingo sites, and this is perfectly okay.

After all, spirituality doesn't have to do with a belief in a supernatural being or a creator. It solely has to do with our way of life and how we connect with others. In an age when we tend to look away from social connections and replace them with surrogate Internet communication, spirituality may even be more important than it has ever been in the past.

1. The Importance of Community

Community plays a crucial part in the survival and achievement of our species. Today, we are split across numerous countries. It’s the language and history, and not least that spiritual bond that holds us together and allows us to thrive together in communities and healthy competition with our neighbours.

This sort of spirituality that allows us to strive towards something bigger than ourselves will enable us to create communities where we interact and exchange thoughts, conversations and opinions. It's a healthy way of life, and this brings us to our second reason for embracing spirituality, and not denying it.

2. Living Together for Better Health

Repeatedly it’s been proven that those communities that live closely together and do not leave people to be alone tend to be healthier in general. People who pair-bond tend to have longer, happier and healthier lives. It's the brain's chemical response to living for someone else.

What may seem as superstition has its spiritual beginnings already. You live through other people, as this connection allows you to positively balance your moods, eating habits, and even digestion. It's not just a matter of pure speculation or spirituality, though, it has been scientifically proven that you will end up living longer if you find your significant other.

3. It Safeguards Achievement

While spirituality or religion may have often been blamed for what's wrong in the world, nothing could be further from the truth. In the dark ages of humankind, it was spirituality and religion that has kept scientific endeavour going, and more importantly – well-documented.

Humankind’s ability to learn from the past and advance its knowledge through the centuries is precisely what makes spirituality an essential part of our evolution and history. Had it not been for our strive towards something bigger than ourselves, we would have probably not been so successful in inventing countless solutions to all our most pressing problems as a species nor enjoyed the comfort we get today regularly.

4. Do You Need to Be Spiritual?

The brief answer is – no. There is no need for you to tout spirituality or put it on a pedestal. The simple truth is that we are spiritual beings and even though we have a lot of cravings and desires, and our pursuit of wealth is undeniable, we are also very social, and we want to remain this way.

You don't have to subscribe to spirituality or even support the notion. Still, the truth is that on our most basic evolutionary level, we will always strive towards the same things time and over again – living together and forming communities.

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