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Why Has Spirituality Become Essential
for a Healthy Relationship?


Where everything is in a rush, the shelter of intimate relationships is also at stake. Now when relationships are based on emotional and sexual dependency, they have somehow lost their credibility. Fulfilling emotional needs from somewhere else, loss of interest in the spouse, infidelity, and other individual selfishness lead to separation. Marriage is the most significant relationship designed to offer companionship to both individuals. It completes the person and fulfills all the physical, sexual, emotional, and spiritual needs. And if it doesn’t work properly, it drains out all the energy and becomes toxic and dangerous for mental health. 

When broken relations are commonly seen, ways are suggested to strengthen the bond by filling the gap and making the relationship stronger, real, and intimidating. Just like emotional and sexual intimacy, spiritual intimacy has come up as one of the significant ways to strengthen the relationship and make it more soulful and unbreakable. 

Spiritual intimacy is establishing a soulful relation with the partner by sharing every facet of life as you share it with God. Marriage is a sacred institution hence the connection of God becomes an essential feature of a healthy marriage. Trinity in this bond develops the sexual intimacy that in return nourishes the relationship as suggested by Christianity that bond between three; couple and God make it secure and powerful. 

Here are reasons why spirituality is essential for a healthy relationship...

Collaborative communication and openness:

Spirituality enables the partners to see each other beyond their apparent relations and sharing of emotional and sexual needs. It ingrains a “soul mate” attitude between them and allows them to open up in front of each other in every matter. It allows them to share and talk about all their matters and infuse trust and honesty in a couple. They tend to share their joy and grief that produces concern, care, and support. This builds confidence and trust between them and builds a healthy, collaborative relationship in which they both come forward as each other’s support. Communication gap and secretive behavior in marriage is a major cause of marital conflicts. Spiritual marriage counseling helps partners in establishing spiritual intimacy and makes their relationship strong and unbreakable.

Respect and Compassion: 

It is found that the sacred character of marriage inculcates respect and honor for marriage and spouse. The spiritual factor that is generated by this notion of marriage produces the type of love that is inspirational and heavenly. It leads to love and compassion beyond material needs and establishes respect and selflessness in a relationship, strengthening the marriage. The sacred belief of marriage creates a conscience and establishes regard for marriage, reducing the divorce rate and making it possible for a couple to overcome all the conflicts and try their best to save their marriage. It also develops a strong sense of commitment that binds them together through every thick and thin. 

Deepened Understanding:

Spirituality allows partners to open in front of each other that washes off all the doubts, and creates a oneness between them. It also helps partners to know each other better. It develops extended understanding between them as they share all their concerns and know each other completely. Again this builds confidence, trust, and support. When the relationship is more than relief from emotional or sexual inadequacy, it outgrows and creates a relationship for life, in which spouses fit well with each other. They start taking each other as one. It nourishes love and loyalty. 

Moral uprightness and empathy:

Spirituality leads to healthy relationships by inculcating high moral standards. Fear of God and sin and religious connectedness and obedience allow a partner to respect each other. It creates harmony and removes superiority or inferiority between partners. Spirituality establishes moral uprightness and stops any of the spouses from committing any betrayal, sin, and infidelity. It creates empathy between them and allows them to be kind, supportive, and respectful. It produces a forgiving attitude and creates room for unconditional acceptance. This results in a healthy relationship eradicating toxicity and marital conflicts. 

Faith and meaning to marriage:

Sharing common faith and praying for each other develops understanding, respect, and compassion respectively and guides a couple to find their values and grow together as spiritual beings. It is to be said that nothing deepens love more than a bigger purpose in life associated with faith. Spirituality in marriage is like water to plant. Nothing cultivates oneness and meaning more than a shared commitment to faith and spiritual discovery. This gives meaning to marriage and keeps it healthy, like any active and productive being. Moreover, it is found that shared beliefs, faith, and purpose strengthen and boost up the partnership. 


It is vividly clear that spirituality heals every possible scar and potential crisis in a relationship. It connects them at the level of soul, under the umbrella of spirituality giving birth to powerful and passionate intimacy - spiritual intimacy. It builds mutual respect, trust, confidence, and support and makes them respect the institution of marriage. It creates a vast room of reconciliation, sorting out things that happen because of a strong tie of understanding between partners. 

Now, considering the importance of spirituality in the development of healthy relationships, spiritual marriage counseling is also available. It develops spiritual intimacy and embarks meaning, connection, and compassion in marriage. It helps couples explore their values and truth and guides them on a spiritual journey together. Spirituality marriage counseling is a holistic approach that also covers all the aspects of ordinary and contemporary marriage counseling. 

Tune into spiritual intimacy through spiritual marriage counseling and turn your marriage more compassionate and happier than ever.

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