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Spiritual Jewels: From Modifying Raw Materials
to Getting Spiritual Gifts Online

Spiritual issues never caught my attention as well as the fields and stuff. Even though I have had my daily meditation times and I believe in energy theories. Perhaps, because my mind is more scientific, it is those questions that resonate best with me. But as they say in my country "I do not believe in witches, but there are, there are" is that a few years ago I "lost the madness" of buying a bracelet for protection.

Actually, the situation arose because I found, in a store, a very nice bracelet. This one consisted of black stones (which would be my favorite color) and seven other rainbow-style gems (which without knowing represented the seven chakras) and I decided to buy it. But since when did jewelry become related to spiritualism?

Jewels have been part of the history of mankind since its inception, the spiritual meaning of jewels has been associated with a mystical connotation. This is due to the value obtained in different cultures, who have linked them to their different beliefs for many centuries, relating them to various symbolisms.

Prehistoric people discovered in their environment different raw materials, which they modified by turning them into ornaments that allowed them to symbolize within their social group and modern people still make use of these ornaments, use them as an emblem, as a distinctive or as a sign of power and hierarchy. For others, the spiritual meaning of the jewels represents a real protection against bad energies. They also link them with good vibes.

The ritual meaning of gold jewelry

Being the most precious metal in the world, it symbolizes wealth and power; it also produces a very strong energy. Wearing a gold ring on the ring finger can reject negative influences. In the same way, the necklaces in this material can promote protection. Here are some quality gold-based necklaces you can find online. These are high quality spiritual necklaces pendants provided by nano-jewelry, one of the best spiritual jewels sellers based on my experience.

Sterling Silver Gold Plated Necklace

spiritual jewels

This serenity prayer necklace features a unique pendant design with predominantly black color with a golden tinge. The shiny gold chain exudes an elegant side.

Sterling Silver Gold Plated (Vermeil) Necklace

spiritual jewels

This is a silver gold-plated necklace with a very unique design. Like a hollow circle with a blue pendant in the center, this piece of jewelry has a very strong spiritual aura.

14k Necklace

spiritual jewels

This is a 14k necklace with a crystal pendant with a golden tinge. It is suitable for use by every woman who wants to look beautiful but still dignified.

But gold is not the only material for spiritual jewelry

The most fascinating thing is that I discovered that for people like me who are not fans of spiritual subjects, but still feel a certain attraction towards them, jewelry is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep magic close. Crystals can be used for their healing effects; talismans to empower us and amulets to protect those who wear them. In fact, there is research that shows that the first jewels were not used precisely for adornment, but rather were intended to take care of those who wore them. Here’s a good sample of crystal-based necklace:

“Tree of Life” Necklace

spiritual jewels

This necklace is very unique because it is made from zirconium crystals. Suitable for people who are optimistic and always want to share kindness with fellow humans.

Allow your intuition

After all, if you want to wear spiritual jewelry, it is a good idea to know how to choose them. Even though many experts point out that it is not always necessary to choose a crystal based on its healing properties. If not, sometimes it is better to allow intuition to be your guide. Let yourself be carried away by the color, the shape or the vibration that attracts you. Do not think too much. Sometimes we are captivated by stones that contain energy that we unconsciously want to invite into our lives. Today, whatever our preferences are, we can get them easily online. Getting spiritual gifts online is a modern way for many people to get spiritual influence from jewelry.

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