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December 11, 2006 - The Psychic Institute announces the release of a new course entitled, "The Ultimate Guide to Unleash Your Inner Psychic."

Created through the combined experience of 30 psychics, mediums and healers, including noted psychic Annette Sassou, the course is specially designed to help participants develop their natural psychic abilities and learn to use them to achieve their life goals in health, career, relationships, finance and love.

"The simple truth is we all have psychic abilities and learning to tap into those abilities can be the key to a person succeeding beyond their wildest dreams," said Sassou. "In fact, many of the most powerful people in the world have used psychic powers to succeed, though many didn't even realize it!

"Take any head of a company. Most of his decisions will be based on a gut feeling," Sassou continued. "Of course, he will first get all the information he needs, but the final word comes from his inner voice. This inner voice or intuition is one of the 'psychic abilities' this course helps participants learn to cultivate."

To help people develop their psychic abilities, The Psychic Institute has created a course that includes: information-packed manuals, audios featuring effective mental exercises and specially created music that helps keep participants' focused on their task, an interactive workbook that also helps keep them pointed toward success and much more.

"We wanted to be sure that we provided those who take the course with all the information, expert advice and tools they could possibly need to develop their hidden psychic abilities and then learn to use those abilities to achieve their goals," Sassou said. "And I really feel like we've done that."

Course participants will learn, among other things: the best way to start developing their psychic powers; how to find their psychic purpose; how to reach their inner psychic mind; techniques for quickly developing their own psychic powers, talents and gifts; four ways to reduce stress; how to create a "space" that will help them easily connect with their divine self ; how to meditate properly; how to create their own "personal beach of time"; how to learn to trust their abilities and the spirits that guide them; how to call their spiritual guide or guardian angel; and how to contact a loved one that has passed.

Participants will also learn: how to achieve their life goals step by step; how to clear and balance their energy system; how to create a protective barrier around themselves; how to accomplish their goals by using their innate psychic powers; how to read other people's minds and speak telepathically to them; how to communicate with animals; how to do clairaudience (hear voices from the spirit world) in four easy steps; and much more.

"In short, we've created this course to be a complete roadmap to success that shows participants exactly how to develop their psychic powers and how to use them in their daily life step by easy step," Sassou said. "And when someone learns to tap into their psychic powers properly they can then start using them at will to take control over their destiny, attract wealth and financial freedom, create the career or business opportunity they've always wanted, improve their relationships, even communicate with animals and much more."

The Psychic Institute has compiled nearly 100 years worth of experience from over 30 psychics, mediums and healers and it relies on this experience to provide its customers with first class information and hands-on techniques for developing their psychic abilities. Learning these abilities is a process. The mission of The Psychic Institute is to provide easy to understand and hands on guidance to make it possible for anyone - even with very little experience - to open the door to their Inner Psychic. That is why The Psychic Institute offers a wide variety of products to assist customers through the process.

Copyright © 2006 Annette Sassou

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