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Money vs. Abundance and Prosperity - Which would you prefer?

By Sage

My spiritual teacher once told me that all our life lessons are learned through three things: relationships, health and money. I personally have found all three to be true. I've had five husbands, cancer and extreme highs and lows in my bank account.

By becoming more conscious in my life, I've created different realities with each of these situations and come out better than before!

This article is about money, which in much of today's society, equals power. The erroneous belief is, "If I have money, I have power." In the higher consciousness, we know our erroneous beliefs cause us to create the very things sometimes we don't want or desire, so when we erroneously equate money with power, we actually diminish our power.

In truth, why not learn what abundance and prosperity really are? And with today's economic climate, this realization may be particularly useful.

There's a big difference between abundance and prosperity and money. Abundance is the result of knowing that you have the power to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. Money is simply one of the infinite forms of energy you can manifest in abundance. You can also manifest love, security, good health, etc. Prosperity is a belief system in "being enough," and that "there is enough." As a result, you experience enough.

Many people keep themselves in financial poverty through the erroneous belief that there "isn't enough" money, they cannot create enough or that they aren't enough, and hence, "not worthy" of money. When a person is in this state of poverty consciousness, in essence, they deny their own power. As powerful creators, we continually create - whether we're conscious of it or not. So, consider that if you have the power to create debt, you also have the power to create the money to repay those debts.

Some people believe the old adage "money is the root of all evil." Yet, if everything around us is the energy of God, then we're setting up an algebraic equation that looks something like this:

(A) God = (B) everything and is everywhere
(B) everything and everywhere includes (C) evil
(A) God = (C) evil
This particular erroneous belief is pervasive in our world. Do you hold this belief? If so, consider that in this 3D reality, evil is simply love expressing itself as something that appears to be other than loving. Have you ever asked God why something is happening? Have you ever been angry or disappointed with God? If so, you might be functioning with an erroneous belief system that maybe keeps you separate from knowing yourself as God and separate from knowing that God (you) is/are unconditional Love.

I suggest we all consider a much higher concept of money, which looks like this:

(A) God = (C) energy
(B) money = (C) energy;
(A) God = (B) money
If you can accept this higher concept, you will understand that withholding money from yourself is really withholding God energy. If you truly accept God and know yourself as God, and you really want/desire more money, you can create having money and accepting money, too - in any form it comes. Perhaps it's through your job; perhaps it's through gifts or other forms. Don't limit how money comes to you. Just understand money is an expression of God and of unconditional Love.

To start creating the amount of money you want, change your beliefs about money and be able to accept your power to create money. Did you parents teach you to sacrifice and do without? Or did they teach the opposite - spend now, charge it and pay later? Either way, remember you already are abundant! If you wish to see yourself as abundant and prosperous, then simply believe that you already are. The universal law of 'Like Attracts Like' will support you in this belief, and you will be one more step on your way to remembering yourself as a fully enlightened being!

Copyright © 2008 Sage
SAGE, author of the book "Mirror of Love: Shifting into Higher Consciousness," is an intuitive reader, teacher and speaker who shares the Ancient Essenes' spiritual wisdom of creating your own reality. She lives in the North Carolina mountains.

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