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Keeping Soul Agreements
We constantly help each other in life's journey - even when we don't remember having agreed to do it

By Sage

National Public Radio recently carried a story of a young boy with special needs who was "elected" for removal from his classroom by his teacher and schoolmates because he was deemed too slow in comparison to the other children. The teacher stood him in front of the room as his peers voted on whether he should be sent to another classroom because he didn't fit in.

The incident generated outrage, and the teacher was suspended for her actions.

We agree to exist on this planet in its third-dimensional illusion to have experiences and to learn lessons. Everything happens for a reason, and in every situation we are given the opportunity either to heal a fragmented aspect of our soul - called patterning - or play a role for someone else in their healing. Sometimes it's both. We have infinite choices in any given situation, and none of them are considered "good" or "bad." Rather, they are all gifted moments that enable us to find our balance and master the emotions we experience in a 3-D world.

Upon hearing a news report such as this one, it may be hard to remember that all there is in this world is all-encompassing Love and that the seemingly negative or positive experiences are all part of the Illusion. We may align with the boy and feel within ourselves the humiliation he may have experienced standing before his classmates, or we may become angry toward what appears to be hurtful actions on the part of the teacher and students. Or perhaps we nod in agreement, that yes, such a child should not be educated alongside "normal" children.

We choose the people, places and things in our lives to play parts for us. Therefore, each of the players in this news report chose to be in that classroom at that particular time to have that particular experience. The teacher, for instance, created having the experience of being disciplined for her actions perhaps for the lesson of compassion, the boy created his experience for whatever issues he was to learn in regard to accepting his possibly being different, and on and on for each person.

These individuals also plaid roles for each other - and for us too - so each human being touched by the situation can heal some aspect of themselves. The people in that classroom loved each other so much that they created the scenario so everyone could learn more about themselves and have the opportunity for healing. By choosing to even hear of this drama in another part of our country, we are given the opportunity to feel, experience and address unhealed patterns that have constricted our own hearts. We have all kept our soul agreements to help each other learn valuable lessons in this lifetime.

Neale Donald Walsch illustrates this loving concept so beautifully in his book "The Little Soul and the Sun." Let me paraphrase the story: A little angel is so excited because he has figured out that all we are is love and light. To express gratitude for this new knowledge, he wants to become really special at something, like forgiveness. But all around him he sees a sea of other angels who already know forgiveness because they are all perfect and all-encompassing Love. The angel becomes disheartened. Then, one angel steps from the back of the sea of angels and says, "I will make you a deal. I will come into your next lifetime and I will do something so horrific, so awful, that you well get to practice and become very special at forgiveness." The little angel becomes excited again and says, "You would do this for me?" The second angel says, "Yes, I would, but I will do it on one condition and one condition only." The first little angel says, "Anything!" The second little angel responds, "You must never forget who I am or why you attracted me into your life."

From the moment your soul incarnates into the physical nature of your body, or possibly even before that, you have contractually agreed that you are going to have experiences in your life with certain persons, places and things. You have agreed to these experiences, and you have hired the actors to play these roles.

When we can look at all sides of the classroom scenario and see only all-encompassing Love, we have integrated our emotions and experienced our God Selves. But many of us aren't there yet. Integration can be a slow process, and we must often repeat lessons at different times in our lives to understand them fully. To help speed the integration process, I share four suggestions that I have found helpful in my personal study toward mastery as well as in my counseling practice with clients:

  1. View everyone in your life as an angel playing his or her parts for you.
  2. Take full responsibility for your creation, rather than playing the victim.
  3. Acknowledge the lessons that any experience provides to you.
  4. Eventually see everyone as an aspect of yourself.
Total integration is what we've come to earth to achieve. So go ahead, feel! Experience! Just remember the soul agreements you may have made in a previous realm and appreciate the Love that surrounds you completely - even in situations that can seem less than loving.

Copyright © 2008 Sage
SAGE, author of the book "Mirror of Love: Shifting into Higher Consciousness," is an intuitive reader, teacher and speaker who shares the Ancient Essenes' spiritual wisdom of creating your own reality. She lives in the North Carolina mountains.
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