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Coming into Your Own Power
We create our own reality, so what's keeping us from our dreams?

By Sage

Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life but kept putting it off? There are many examples of life improvements we may want to make: a better relationship with our partner or with a family member, a more satisfying career, a healthier diet. Often, it's the denial of our own power that keeps us stuck in the same situation. We continue to see ourselves as powerless, and thus unable to create something different for ourselves.

When we maintain the perspective that something or someone has done something "to us" or that we are at the mercy of some outside circumstances, we in essence are saying we have no power. By denying our power, we can avoid deep and affective actions toward growth. Hiding safely behind victim consciousness, we can effectively resist for years the very changes we say we want to make in our lives.

The truth is, we do have the power. We can realize affective change because every second of every day, we create our own reality.

The first step in making change is accepting responsibility. As individual aspects of God, we are powerful creators! We may not want to be responsible for 100 percent of what happens in our lives, but it is a universal truth that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions shape the world around us. We see what is inside ourselves. And, we can learn from our negative experiences as easily as we can from our positive ones.

You may wonder why something happens to you over and over. The answer is simple - you created "it," whatever "it" is. The good news is that you have the ability to overcome the limiting beliefs and victim-perspectives that keep you from fully embracing who you are and who you can be. You can take a bold step toward claiming your personal power by asking yourself, without blame, how and why you created a given situation. What is the lesson I'm trying to teach myself through this experience? What is the gift in the situation? What is my emotional attachment to a particular outcome?

When having an argument with your loved one, for example, rather than project blame on one another, choose to see the perfection in the argument you created. Consider how you might benefit from the experience. At first, it may seem difficult to do this, but this first step can empower you to change not only your perception of what has taken place, but the outcome as well.

It is often judgment that clouds our ability to create what we truly desire. We might judge our partner for not being a better communicator, when in fact, it's our own inability to express our wants and needs that fuels our anger and frustration. When we can hold ourselves in love and compassion, the judgment of both ourselves and the other person can easily and quietly slip away.

In our careers, it may be fear - perhaps of success or of change - that blocks us from fully manifesting that which we desire. When we can identify the first bit of why we're playing the victim, we can further examine how we're standing on our own hose and keeping our dreams from flowing.

Erroneous beliefs, such as "I'm not good enough to have all I want" can also hamper your ability to manifest your desires. When you hold this vibration you will attract to you people of the same vibration, which means that as you blame others for not "allowing" you have all that you desire, you will draw into your life these same types of individuals who engage in abuse or unwanted behavior.

In any particular situation, you may feel that another person, place or thing is doing something to you, but the higher conscious truth would be to look at why you attracted this situation into your life and determine what lesson can be gleamed from it.

At first it may seem difficult to remember this approach when you're in the heat of an argument or experiencing a frustrating situation, but the more you practice this approach, the more natural it will become. Knowing that you create your reality - including your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, feelings, reactions and actions - is self-empowering. Knowing that only you can change whatever you create in your reality is being self-empowered.

Copyright © 2005 Sage
SAGE, author of the book "Mirror of Love : Shifting into Higher Consciousness," is an intuitive reader, teacher and speaker who shares the Ancient Essenes' spiritual wisdom of creating your own reality.

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By overcoming our fear, understanding our guilt, judgments, and shame we can move towards mending the wounds. Once we have healed, we are able to attack the illusion that we have created for ourselves, the illusion that we are only individuals instead of the embodiments of God. "Mirror of Love" is an empowering, life altering book that emphasizes how we already have everything we could ever want or be. Remember, there is only Love!

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