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The Secret of Spiritual Intelligence

By Altazar Rossiter

Spiritual Intelligence is not a religion, nor is it religious; it is not a theology; it is not a philosophy; it is not a system of ethics or a moral code. It is not a rational intellectual faculty that can be brought to bear analytically or academically. Above all Spiritual Intelligence is not something mysterious that is the province of the special few.

The secret of Spiritual Intelligence is that it is yours. It is the power behind your creativity. This power is continuously creating your reality whether you are aware of it or not. You have to learn to align with your power if you are to create a reality you want.

Spiritual Intelligence is the root of fulfillment and prosperity for anyone who chooses to engage with it. It is not for the faint-hearted. It demands that we be prepared to drop our beliefs about everything we've used in defining ourselves to ourselves. Every idea that undermines us must be abandoned. When we choose to engage with Spiritual Intelligence, it means we are committing to feel and become fully the truth of who we are.

There is an aspect of feeling that is rarely recognised. It is nothing less than the open secret of the generative properties of feeling. And it goes like this ...

The more we feel down and fed-up the more this is reflected back to us through our interpretation of the external circumstances of our lives, and the more we feel down and fed-up.
Most of us are really good at this, but what most people miss is the fact that it works the other way too ...
The more we feel the joy and delight of being alive the more this is reflected through our interpretation of the external circumstances of our lives, and the more we feel the joy and delight of being alive.
This is the secret. What I feel generates my experience. If I can feel the joy of life I will see it, even in what could be conceived of as the most adverse situations. If I allow what I see to condition what I feel, through the interpretive processes of my mind, that feeling will generate more of whatever I see.

Therefore, my priority is to induce the feelings of joy, delight and well-being, even if only momentarily, as often as possible. This will eventually guide me into the situations which reflect those feelings. So if you want your life to work take yourself to the place of feeling that it is working. Imagine it! Invent it!

Recognize also that it is a mistake to try to hold onto these good feelings. When they pass, as they will, let them go. Then, when you are ready, bring yourself to a place of feeling the joy of life again. Make this a practice.

The basic thing to watch is that when we are aligned with Spiritual Intelligence we experience joy at the core of our being. This means we feel as if everything is right with the world and it's great to be alive. The degree to which we fail to feel this is the degree to which we are in conflict with Spiritual Intelligence and separate from our natural well-being.

For the most part Spiritual Intelligence is concealed from us by self-constructed illusions and beliefs about our earthly existence: beliefs we've created to sustain our concept of consensus reality and how we fit into it. Because of this Spiritual Intelligence is often at variance with the rational mind; it can sometimes only emerge when the rational mind has exhausted itself.

Spiritual Intelligence reveals itself through situations that challenge our concepts of reality and truth, and even those of our own identity. These are always charged with fear: consequently we avoid them. This leaves our Spiritual Intelligence largely untapped.

But looked at another way, our emotional triggers, our fears and our negative behavior patterns can be seen as signals that our Spiritual Intelligence is trying to support us but is being blocked. The way through the blocks is to invite Spiritual Intelligence to intervene. You can do this by saying ... I commit to All That I Am to be All That I Am ... and then you pay attention to what presents in your life - and you keep asking to be shown the next step in your transformation. Some of these steps will seem insignificant, whilst you will quail at others. As you take them you will gradually free yourself and your creative power.

We each hold generations of baggage within us, inherited from our ancestors, learned from our cultures, absorbed from our environment. This burden is causing humanity at large to lash out self-destructively, in pain - towards those we love, as well as those we are taught to see as enemies. The extraordinary potential of Spiritual Intelligence is that we can do something about this, starting with ourselves. This is not just spiritually intelligent it's Cosmic Sense.

Copyright © Altazar Rossiter 2008
Dr. Altazar Rossiter is a personal development consultant, coach and mentor - working with the inherent Spiritual Intelligence of life, developing well-being through personal life coaching, executive coaching, spiritual mentoring, emotional freedom and creativity. He engages with the mystery of the essence of who we are to bring about fundamental and sustainable transformation in just about every aspect of personal expression. Altazar is the author of Developing Spiritual Intelligence - The Power of You, published by O-Books.
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