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From Stress to Bliss

By Natasha J. Rosewood

How many people do you know experience bliss on a regular basis? And I'm not talking drug- or alcohol-induced euphoria here. Not many. I know this because when I encourage my psychic clients in their readings to choose bliss over stress, their eyes glaze over as if bliss is a word I just made up, a luxury they just can't afford or that their psychic has gone quite mad.

But what exactly is bliss? Bliss is heaven on earth. Bliss is to live in the present moment in your earthbound experience while surrendering to the Divine. Bliss is giving up control and channeling your highest self, allowing the creative flow of the Universe to come through you. Bliss allows you to lose yourself in the dance.

Sadly, we are all too familiar with stress and the negative impact it can have on our lives. And it's not so much that we don't want bliss, but most of us don't know how to turn our negative thinking into, not just a positive state, but into that out-of-this-world total-surrender state. The good news is that we can switch from fear-induced stress to that higher place, instantly. We need merely to surrender our will, and our worries, to a higher power. Like taking a huge bowl, emptying your worried mind and all it's negative thoughts into it and then asking your angels to take it away and fix everything while you relax on the couch. (This really works. I do it on a regular basis.)

Of course, bliss can be different things to different folks. Salivating on a chocolate bar after a strict diet, the sun on your face after a long winter, a mentally stimulating conversation, losing yourself in art are just some ideas. Before we can experience bliss, we need to identify what it is for us, then decide to incorporate that experience into our lives. The following are ten steps that can take you from stress to bliss...

  1. Be willing to make a place for bliss in your life. If you are in stress mode, this could take a little preparation, like heating the oven before you put in the cake to bake. The conditions have to be right.

  2. Know that if you are in emotional stress, open your mind to a greater good, and a miraculous solution. Life isn't meant to be a struggle so you are probably superimposing your old limited beliefs and painful past experiences on the situation, creating/expecting negative results.

  3. Realize that the way you are perceiving the situation is just one way of looking at your reality. You can choose a different truth. Are you willing to let go of stress? Do what is within your power to resolve your issues and then surrender the rest to your higher power. Prepare your mind for a blissful outcome.

  4. Just for the moment, for this day, this week, think about an ideal outcome to your issue, followed by bliss. Envision this picture in detail, even if you think it would take a miracle to make it happen.

  5. Believe in miracles. Anything is possible. Miracles are not anomalies, but merely results that emerge from on high without ego-interference.

  6. Be vigilant running interference on your negative self-talk. Whenever you hear your inner dialogue berating yourself, interrupt with "I am great and I choose bliss instead of this."

  7. Select and envision a blissful experience for yourself as a reward for being willing to go above and beyond your own stressed limitations.

  8. Commit a date and time in your diary when you feel you are ready to enjoy that blissful experience. Then do it. (Take it easy. If you're not used to it, bliss can be a little overwhelming.)

  9. Make bliss a habit and always put it at the top of your list. Allocate thirty minutes a day, two days a week, or six months a year for your bliss time.

  10. Root your blissful experiences in a trigger, such as a piece of music, your pet rock, a piece of jewelry that you wear when doing bliss time. When the stress threatens to overwhelm you, use your trigger device to remind the cellular memory in your body and your spirit that bliss is just a state of mind. And that yes, we can choose bliss.
Natasha J. Rosewood is an international Psychic Coach and Spirit Healer, Author of "Aaagh! I Thought You Were Dead (And Other Psychic Adventures)," host of the TV show Wake Up! Body, Mind, and Spirit, and a facilitator of numerous workshops and seminars.
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