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Guide to Toltec Wisdom

I would like to introduce you to Dr. Sheri Rosenthal, who's published a most enlightening book on Toltec wisdom. Toltec, by the way, is a path that teaches us to transcend our limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior patterns so we may live a fulfilling and authentic life.

Eight years ago Sheri sold her podiatric practice and closed the surgical residency program she was directing for the opportunity to study the Toltec path with don Miguel Ruiz. If that name's familiar to you, it's because he wrote the New York Times bestselling book - The Four Agreements.

Sheri had a successful practice, but she felt her life was missing something, like so many of us. It took a leap of faith, letting go of everything she was familiar with, to finally find her hearts desire. But, in the end, she's made sharing the Toltec wisdom and teachings her life's passion! In 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Toltec Wisdom,' Sheri shares powerful and innovative Trans4mind from her years of intensive apprenticeship with don Miguel.

Here's a sample from Sheri's new book:

The Toltec philosophy is a fascinating esoteric tradition, what we fondly call a Warrior's path to personal freedom. We're not at war with anyone outside of ourselves, but instead with the domesticated programming of our rational mind. It is a path that encourages us to let go of our preconceived ideas, limiting beliefs, and rigid concepts to enable us to be free to express our spirit fully in our lives with an open heart.

Toltec is not a religion. It would be more accurate to say that Toltec is a way of life (the beginnings originated in Mexico around the time of Christ). The truth is that we are all on a path that starts with birth and ends with death. We can't escape from it, but we have a lot of leeway and choice as to how that journey will turn out: we can live lives filled with peace, or we can accept a life of chaos. The Toltec teachings simply help us to find contentment.

The key to having a beautiful life is to have awareness of all the situations we are creating. Most of us live our lives on auto-pilot, moving from one day to the next feeling like we are the victims of life's circumstances or judging both our lives and others. Toltec is a philosophy that can be used to create the most magnificent lives we can possibly imagine.

How often do we feel trapped by circumstances, feeling like we can't leave a dead-end job or that we're stuck in a stagnant relationship? Well, a Toltec never feels stuck; he or she always sees choices and options in life.

Although Toltec is not a religion, it could be referred to as a spiritual path, as it is concerned with the expression of the creative and spiritual self. As such, it recognizes all spiritual teachers and religious philosophies. The Toltec tradition looks to find commonality between all these traditions, religions, and philosophies; it seeks the truth behind the myths and dogma.

We could say that the origin of all religious teaching comes from humanity's desire to express our feeling or experience that there is something overwhelmingly immense out there, whatever that may be and whatever language we may use to describe it. Modern Toltecs use the word the Infinite to describe this phenomenon, but there are literally thousands of words from different traditions and religions that represent the concept of a higher power or consciousness: Spirit, God, cosmic consciousness, divine being, Allah, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, higher self, the light, love, and so on.

The beautiful thing about these teachings is that they survived tens of thousands of years of oral tradition to come to a place where they can be shared in a practical and pragmatic way. By simply looking at what you believe about yourself and the world around you, you can systematically change the way you choose to interact with the world.

My favorite part of these teachings is that there is nothing to defend and nothing to fight over or justify. We won't find a true Toltec defending a point of view because he won't want to waste his personal power fighting over anything. Toltecs have absolute respect for others and their traditions; we have no desire to create conflict or disharmony. There is no dogma, nothing to memorize, nothing to recite, and nothing to evangelize. The teachings either resonate with an individual or they don't.

A true Warrior has no conflict with anyone or anything and is at peace with the world. She has no judgment and is working from a place of unconditional love and acceptance of life as it is. An authentic Warrior is a delight to behold and easy to be with.

As Toltecs we want to have wonderful lives, where we are conscious of why we make the choices we do and how these choices create our situations. The war we are engaged in is with our own mind, not with anyone outside of our self. We recognize that the only thing in life we can have any control over is ourselves, the way we act, the way we think, the way we speak to ourselves and others, and our daily decisions.

In Sheri's book you'll learn:
  • Toltec mythology and mystery.
  • How to explore the human mind and how it creates our reality and beliefs.
  • Effective ways to master awareness and transformation.
  • What's stopping you from expressing unconditional love.
  • Tools for identifying and confronting your minds strategies for limitation.
  • How to use your emotional reactions to identify hidden mental programming.
  • Exercises you can employ to gain clarity, peace, and centeredness.
  • Options for creating a dream of heaven and how to live your divinity.

Don Miguel Ruiz, author of 'The Four Agreements' says: "Sheri is a delightful teacher, and you will enjoy her gift of explaining the Toltec philosophy in a clear, concise, and understandable way. These teachings will help you to understand your nature as an angel of divine consciousness, and allow you to surrender to what you really are, rather than fight to be what you are not."

In 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Toltec Wisdom,' you'll experience gentle guidance and poignant real-life examples to help you to fully understand how you've been holding yourself back from living the most beautiful life. You can reach us at Journeys of the Spirit.

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