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A Prayer by Gwendolyn Roberts

Today I choose to begin my spiritual growth. I know that which has created me is within me, and it now guides me to my highest good. I know that there is a divine plan for my life. The divine plan for my life includes happiness for me, peace of mind for me, perfect health for me, financial fulfillment for me, and more good than I can imagine.

I realize that I can make choices for my life. I ask my Creator to guide me to make the right and appropriate choices, choices that produce my happiness, peace of mind, perfect health, financial well-being, and fulfillment in every aspect of my life.

Today I call forth the divine plan for my life; and today I accept the divine plan for my life. As I am given new ideas, I act upon these ideas, making wise choices. Today I realize that everything that I am guided to do is a part of the unfoldment of my divine plan, even if I do not recognize it to be so. I know that my Creator can do for me what it can do through me. I cooperate with the divine process that is unfolding the divine plan for my life.

I now relax and know that the creative power of the universe that created me is working through me bringing about my heart’s desire. As opportunities come before me, I recognize them and take appropriate action. I move forward into greater good in my life.

I now realize that life is a journey, and each opportunity is not the destination, but a part of my journey in life.

I shall keep my faith strong in the universal power working within me and know that everything is working for my highest good.

The above passage is an excerpt from "Pocket Prayers - Inspiration for Daily Living" by Gwendolyn Roberts... a collection of 40 simple, easy-to-read, positive and uplifting prayers.

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Pocket Prayers address many issues we face today. When these prayers are read daily they will help you to focus your thoughts and words in positive directions.

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About The Author
Gwendolyn L. Roberts earned a BA degree in sociology and psychology as a result of her early curiosity in life and how it works. Over the past forty-five years she has worked in the human services field. During this time she was deeply involved in developing her spirituality, which lead to her teaching spiritual-based classes in Atlanta, Georgia, and Charlotte, North Carolina. As a spiritual life coach and author, she teaches spiritual life classes that help others to empower themselves. She resides in her native city of Charlotte with her husband, Bruce, and son, Brandon.

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