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Get Planted: How to Find the Right
Church for Your Family

Right Church for Your Family

Are you wondering how to find the right church for your family?

Let's say you're transferring jobs and have to leave your local church. Or, perhaps your family is new to the concept of church and you're unsure where to begin. Either way, choosing the right church isn't always an easy decision.

In fact, there are a number of factors that you're going to want to consider before joining a new church. This could be anything from the denomination of the church and the leader to what your purpose is and your community of fellow worshippers. At the end of the day, these factors are incredibly important in finding a church that makes your family feel happy and spiritually fulfilled.

If you're looking for pointers on choosing a church that's right for you, you're going to want to read this. We're uncovering a variety of different tips to help you decide on the right church to suit yourself and your family.

Choose Your Denomination

Today, there are countless different denominations within the church.

The first natural step in choosing the right church for your family is to first determine the denomination. This can be overwhelming due to the fact that so many denominations exist.

For example, 70 percent of Americans claim to be Christian. However, there are many different denominations of Christianity to choose from.

Some denominations enjoy praising their God through prayer and routine ceremony. On the other hand, other denominations enjoy praising God through community service and action-oriented tasks.

Before choosing your denomination, be sure to ask yourself how to best enjoy serving and praising your God. If your family enjoys helping others, it could be worthwhile to choose a denomination that is best known for getting involved in the community. If your family is looking merely for spiritual guidance and devotion, a denomination of singular leadership is likely your best option.

However, there are churches that don't actually require you to choose a denomination. A non-denominational church often incorporates a wide variety of worship and preaching techniques. This is often a good place to start for those new to the concept of church.

Get to Know the Leader

Each and every church is going to have a leader of the church.

This leader will lead the ceremony, interact with members and help to make decisions regarding the church.

If you're going to incorporate the church into your family's routine, it's important that you get to know the leader of the church. Remember, this person is going to be teaching, guiding and influencing spiritually the members of your family.

You want to ensure that your morals, beliefs and teachings align well with that leader. While it's important to connect with this leader on a spiritual basis, it's also incredibly important to connect with them on a personal basis as well.

The relationship between the leader and his or her followers has the potential to be very powerful. It's also going to be incredibly influential and important to one's everyday life and belief system.

Determine Your Purpose

When it comes to choosing the right church, it's important to be honest and upfront with yourself about your purpose.

Is your purpose is to better align yourself with your devotion? Or, is your purpose to get involved in your community and spread the good word? Once you have determined your purpose, don't be shy in communicating this to the leader of the church.

Each church will have a different purpose and a different goal for their worshippers. For example, some churches may encourage their members to be actively involved in spreading the word to non-believers. Other churches merely encourage their members to simply practice and maintain their beliefs and morals.

Inquire About Extracurriculars

From the perspective of a family, one of the best advantages with the church is all of the extracurriculars.

These extracurriculars could be anything from volunteer missions and social clubs to sporting events and community programs. Either way, these extracurriculars are a great way to get your family further involved in both the church and the community. It's also a great way to encourage yourself and your family to pray and read Bible verses about economic success and establish new friendships and connections.

When you visit a church, don't hesitate to inquire about the extracurriculars that are available at that church. Remember, your church isn't just a simple place of worship. Instead, it's a community that is made up of likeminded people and a land of opportunity.

Get to Know Fellow Worshippers

Today, 64 percent of Americans report belonging to a church.

As such, it's safe to say that attending church is a great way to foster new friendships and relationships. The more you choose to attend your chosen church, the more you are going to benefit from the tight-knit community of worshippers.

When joining a church, you can count on meeting with and connecting with fellow worshippers on a routine basis. It's also likely that you'll begin to attend functions and events with these members outside of the church. Who knows, these once strangers may become your new closest friends!

That being said, it's incredibly important to connect with your fellow worshippers. Try visiting a church to see if your morals and belief system aligns with those that also attend that church. After all, the people that attend that church on a routine basis will say a lot about the church itself.

How to Find the Right Church

If you're trying to determine how to find the right church, it's only natural to feel slightly overwhelmed in your decision.

The truth is, there's nothing wrong with shopping around to find the right church. In fact, it might take visiting a handful of churches to find the one church that best aligns with the morals and beliefs of your family.

To aid in your decision, allow this guide to help you determine what the right church is for you. Once you find the right church, you're going to feel it in your heart that you've made the right decision.

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