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Riding 2020's Spirituality Wave

Spirituality is something that has been on the decline in many western countries, but 2020 has reversed that trend. Research conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 25% of Americans have experienced a growth in their spirituality throughout the year – and that doesn’t just mean religion. Quite the opposite, increasing numbers of people are reporting a sense of spirituality that doesn’t rely on religion. There are good reasons for this to have happened this year, but it’s also worth bearing in mind the spiritual foundations through which Americans can express themselves.

The spread of meditation

Meditation has been brought into the mainstream consciousness, led by the hand by mindfulness, according to Insider magazine. With meditation having such an indelible link to spirituality and the wellness that that connection brings, it’s inevitable that this focus on meditation has brought a further focus on spirituality. How can learners continue to develop? Transcendental meditation is one solid path to follow, especially given its serene focus on the self and how you connect to the world – in many ways, the absolute essence of spirituality. There are many reasons for the spread and popularity of meditation, but a strong uptake can certainly be linked to the stress many Americans are experiencing.

The stress crisis

The uptake in meditation is likely as a response to the ongoing stress crisis, which the American Psychological Association describe as a mental health crisis. According to their statistics, an unprecedented number of Americans are facing uncertainty in their current and future plans. Spirituality is a great gateway to escape the rigors of stress and to feel better on a day-to-day basis, or at least find resilience against the worst impacts of stress on the body and the mind. Using spirituality as a response to stressors, through meditation and other techniques such as a yoga, is a great way to start mitigating the effects early and often. Even the simplicity of measured breathing can help to combat acute stress.

A widening net

Many religions are, to some degree, discriminatory in some of their old-school fundamental practices. For many people, they can feel precluded from having an honest and frank relationship with spirituality and religion as a result. However, in the current day, this is starting to shift significantly. This has been most clearly shown by one study’s findings, reported in NBC, that nearly half of LGBT+ people in the USA are religious or spiritual. As a group that commonly experiences discrimination, this is heartening in terms of the spread and reach of spiritual practices. As long as this environment of equality and fostered enrichment continues to grow, so will spirituality and spiritual practices within the United States.

Because of this, and for many other reasons, spirituality is on a wave in the USA. There’s never been a better time to get on board and start developing your own sense of self. As a matter of the soul, the universe, and your wellness within it, there are few better ways to self improve.

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