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How To Identify A Real Psychic Reader

real psychics

By Sarah Morris

If you’re looking for psychic services, you should be careful and do your best to avoid scams that only provide you with harmful or even useless readings. Be aware of suspicious websites with phony owners and bogus psychics without intuitive skills. With numerous psychics claiming to be real and the best, it can sometimes be overwhelming to find a trustworthy psychic reader. If you’re wondering where to find one, you can visit to learn more.

Here are tips on how to find a legit psychic reader:

Learn how to spot a bogus psychic

When you select a psychic on a fortune telling website, the initial step would be to know if this particular psychic is scamming you, which can be done by looking out for certain details. You can start by checking their profile: Does it have enough information to support their claims? A reliable psychic must be able to provide what courses they have taken, practices with other psychics, and previous psychic work. You should also note if the clairvoyant has a real profile picture—bogus psychics don’t usually show their real faces and use alternatives such as tarot cards or an avatar.

Observe how they present themselves through their language and notice the kinds of claims they create. For example, if a psychic claims to have the power to unite lovers without fail, it can be a sign of too-good-to-be-true promises. However, if a psychic claims that they were able to unify lovers in the past, they’re probably speaking from previous experience and are being honest about it. Be aware of psychics with exaggerated profiles. Choose one who’s friendly and down-to-earth.

Notice how they speak to you

To know how psychics fool their clients, and to avoid such things from happening to you, there are a few things you can do by simply noticing the way they speak with you. First, you can do an anonymous chat so the psychic doesn’t have an idea of how you look like and won’t hear your voice. By doing this, they will not be able to make presumptions based on how you look or the way you speak, and they will have to use their intuition and psychic methods to help you find peace in their readings.

If you’re going to interact face to face with a psychic, you can do two things to avoid being tricked, and to know if you’re really dealing with a professional psychic: wear clothing that will not give any clue about your status, and don’t talk too much about anything. Although being honest with your real-life situation can help provide a more accurate reading, you should still pay attention to what questions the psychic is asking you. If the psychic asks too many questions, you can be giving them information that they will later use to feed you with unhelpful readings.

Note what methods they use

It’s essential that you choose a psychic that’s transparent about the methods they use to advise their clients. Although most of them include this information on their profiles, reliable and trustworthy psychics should have no trouble explaining how they get their insights and shape their predictions.

Generally, psychics get information through various psychic modalities, such as schools of clairvoyant practices and thoughts. It can also be through the use of divination cards such as Angel or Tarot cards, Vedic or western astrology, pendulum, crystal balls, rune casting, and spirit connection.

In addition to these learned methods, most practicing psychics also rely on the intuitive Clair senses like clairaudience or clairvoyance. This method is something psychics usually use, and most of them passionately work to sharpen their skills through psychic focus and meditation. In that regard, always make sure that your psychic can disclose this to you.

real psychics

Check out the psychic’s ratings and reviews

If you’re looking for a psychic, it’s essential that you only use reputable websites, as they will have unedited reviews and ratings for you to look at. So, after you select a psychic you’d like to get a reading from, make sure to check out general ratings and read their reviews. By doing this, you will be able to know about the quality of the psychic reading, and if it was helpful or not. If you’re reading exaggerated reviews with words such as incredible, amazing, and wonderful, this can be a good sign of happy clients.

In some psychic websites, you will have the option to sort your search by criteria and use the ratings as your criterion. This allows you to sort psychics with the highest rankings first, and make your search faster. Additionally, if a psychic has been reading for many years, they should have a lot of reviews and testimonials from previous clients, and will less likely engage in scams.

Ask your friends and family

Although asking your friends and family can sometimes be embarrassing, you’d probably be surprised to find out that more than one person in your life has actually sought advice from professional psychics, and how willing they are in referring you their psychics.

Look for both the good and the bad news

Be aware of psychics that will frighten you by giving bad predictions regarding your loved ones. These fake ones usually offer manifestations or spells to counter their readings for money. A real psychic will guide you into the session and will provide you with answers that won’t frighten or scare, promising nothing more than an honest reading. They will give you impressions and answers, and will not mind if you test them with a few questions of your own.

Closing thoughts

Whenever you’re seeking out someone to have your future read, may this article serve as a helpful guide to find the psychic that best suits your needs. Additionally, you should also remember that psychics, just like any other profession, will have bad days and good days. But there’s no need to worry, as real psychics will not leave you empty-handed with your fortune-telling needs.

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