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What Does Quantum Physics Say About
Our Soul and Consciousness?

Since the beginning of humankind, people felt that there was more to life than the physical form, that there was something more inside of us that could not be explained. There were a lot of things outside people that they couldn’t explain either.

As time evolved, people started to explain things through the presence of entities that were beyond our comprehension - gods. Nowadays, if you find a pair of gloves for riding on the ground you can think of it as something normal, but if someone found them in ancient times, they would have definitely attributed that to God, because they could not explain it.

Throughout history, there have been a lot of explanations on what the force beyond us is and now, because of the discoveries made by quantum physics, scientists think that they found a new theory that could explain it all. This theory claims that the Universe is a hologram that originates inside our brains.

Can science explain our connection to the Universe?

Even though science has evolved very fast in the last century, classical mechanics has not yet been able to explain consciousness. However, some quantum physics scientists think that they have come up with an explanation that might make a lot of sense.

The theory of the holographic mind says that our conscious mind is the one controlling the subatomic world. The field that studies the subatomic world is quantum physics. The most fascinating theory out there is the theory of the atom and the subatomic world because it is based on probabilities.

According to quantum mechanics, an electron can exist in multiple states at the same time. It can act as a wave and as a particle at the same time. Most of the principles of quantum mechanics can not be easily understood by our minds because we have nothing to compare them to and we have to create an abstract image of a concept.

However, the concept that our mind is the creator of our reality is highly interesting. A representative principle of quantum mechanics is that the electron that we have discussed before, takes one of the two forms, particle or wave, only when there is an observer. So if the observer is our own mind, we are the ones who control what reality looks like.

What are the implications of this theory on our spiritual world?

Although the theory that the Universe is a hologram of our consciousness has not been fully proven yet, it might be a good scientific explanation that everything is interconnected and that we are one with the Universe and with everything that surrounds us.

Many people say that during meditation or during other spiritual practices they have felt like they are connected with nature and with every single creature in this world. They felt like there is no separation between the Universe and themselves and felt a sense of calmness and peace.

Most religions say that we are a part of God. It is possible that people who have had these experiences and feelings of interconnection were actually feeling like a part of a superior entity, a part of divinity, like everything that surrounds them is one with themselves.

Some people like to view the theory that the Universe is holographic in a way that says that we, ourselves, are the creators. Others, on the other hand, like to view it as if we are a part of the creator, a part of everything that exists.

No matter which interpretation you want to give it, when this theory will be fully proven by experiments, it will revolutionize the way humanity thinks of the spiritual world.

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