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By Thomas Powell

What are you? Not “who”, but what.
The Materialist Point of View
You are a human being. You consist of two parts: the “human” and the “being.” The human part is your body and your human identity. However, that is a very minor part of all that you are. The “highest” part of you is not your body, but that which experiences your body, your Being. Your BEing includes your mind and your emotions, and which controls them, your will and consciousness.

When you say “I”, what exactly are you referring to? What is the essence of you? Are you a body? Are you a mind? Are you emotion? Are you consciousness? Where do we draw the line between “I” and “my”?—between what you are and what you have?

To find out, let’s start with the body and see if you are a body. Let’s take away parts of the body and see when the essence of you is lessened or no longer there. Imagine that you lose a finger. Is your “I”, now lessened? Are you less a person? Is your sense of self less? I think you will agree that your sense of self, and what and who you are remains unchanged.

Now imagine that you lose a leg or even both legs. Are you still there? Have you lost any part of the real you? Yes, you have a loss of physical function, but are you as a person, a character, a personality in any way lessened? Is your will lessened? Is your consciousness lessened? Is your mind and intelligence less?

Is a quadriplegic amputee (a person who is just a trunk, no arms, no legs) any less of a person for that? Is he less conscious, less willful, less intelligent for that? Is a person who can’t see, or hear any less a human being for that? Was Helen Keller less of a person than you with all your senses intact?

If you had no body at all, but were still a consciousness, had all your memories, could still think and feel emotions, and could communicate telepathically with other minds, would you say that you still exist? Without a body, you might not be able to perceive or manipulate this physical universe, but would you still exist? I can tell you from my own experience that you continue to exist. I have been out of the body and out of the physical universe many times. For me it is very clear that I am a non-physical being temporarily residing in a physical body that I use to operate in a physical universe.

On the other side, we sometimes have a healthy body without the essence, without will and consciousness, as in a coma and in deep sleep. What good is such a body without that essence? If there is a person there, why do we call a body in coma a “vegetable”?

What is the essence of a human being, of you: your body or your will and consciousness – that obviously do not depend on the body.

We can conclude that you are not your body. You HAVE a body; you are not your body.

Let’s take away the body entirely and see what remains of you. We can identify four experiences or phenomena that do not depend on the body: emotion, thought, will and consciousness. These are all non-physical phenomena. They cannot be detected, weighed or measured with physical instruments.

Thus the essence of you is non-physical. A non-physical life entity is the definition of “spirit”.

These 4 phenomena divide very neatly into 2 areas: will and consciousness, and thought and emotion. Let’s examine each one.

Are you your emotions? Obviously, no. First of all, you don’t always have an emotion; much of the time you are emotionally neutral. Secondly, you don’t say “I-Emotions” as if you and emotions are the same thing. You say “my emotions” which shows a clear distinction between you and emotions. There is that which possesses: “I” —and that which is possessed: “emotions”.

You also try to control your emotions, almost as if they were wild horses. So there is a “controller” and there is that which is controlled—again, a clear separation of entities. Emotions are something that you have, energies that come and go and swirl around you, much as clouds and storms come and go across the sky. You have emotions; you are not your emotions.

So are you your thoughts? Many people do indeed think that they are their thoughts—but that is only another thought. Examining thoughts as we did emotions, we can see again that you say “my thoughts” highlighting that you make a distinction between “I” and “thoughts”. You talk of your thoughts and ideas and memories as things, as possessions, just as you do of your emotions and your clothes and your house. You say “my idea”, “my memory”, “my beliefs”. And like emotions, you try to control your thoughts, to think “good” thoughts, and avoid “bad” ones. Again, there is a “controller” and that which is controlled: two separate entities. So, in a stringent analysis, “I” is not thought. You have thoughts; you are not your thoughts.

However, it took me thousands of hours of meditation to distinguish between thought and “I”, so you may have trouble making that distinction between your “I” and your mind in your own experience. If the distinction is not clear, don’t worry about it for now.

Having eliminated emotion and mind as “I”, this leaves us with two factors: consciousness and will.

What is consciousness? It is the ability to perceive, to feel, to experience, to know —including to experience yourself as a point of consciousness and thereby to know that you exist. It appears to be a very, very fine, high frequency energy approaching pure non-physical space. It functions to registering other, denser forms of energy such as thoughts and emotions as perturbations of its field, much as AM and FM modulations are perturbations of their carrier wave. However, these technical aspects of consciousness are not important for the moment.

What is important is that you are a consciousness. You say, “I perceive”, “I feel”, “I experience”, “I know” (these words are all the same phenomena); so here the “I” is indeed functioning. You are a center of perception of your non-physical universe of your thoughts and emotions. You are a center of perception of the physical universe through means of the body. You are the experiencer. We call that consciousness.

What is will? It is the ability to decide, to act and to control. It is force. Physically, it is what controls your body: raises your arm, sits you down, stands you up, gets you up early. Psycanically, it is what controls your thoughts and your emotions. It decides which of your desires shall be your goals. It makes commitments and promises and keeps them or not. It decides who you will be and what you will do.

Will is CAUSE. It decides, forms, shapes, moves things, whether physical and through the body, or by acting as a force directly over psycanic energies such as thought and emotion.

Consciousness is EFFECT. It receives the impression, the imprint, of other energies and registers their forms, modulations, “flavors” as experience.
We cannot separate you from these qualities or abilities. When you say “I”, you are referring to that which experiences and/or that which decides and executes.

You are a CONSCIOUS WILL; or a WILLing CONSCIOUSNESS. You are an AWARE WILL unit or entity.

Everything that exists is energy. Therefore you, this AWARE WILL, are energy. But it is not energy that we can register or measure with physical instruments. It is, therefore, meta-physical or above-physical energy. Obviously, this energy complex is alive —alive defined as able to perceive, respond to, and change the environment.

What do we call a non-physical, aware will live energy unit? “Spirit” is one possibility. “Soul” is another. However, those words mean different things to different people. We need a word to represent our analysis and precise definition of this phenomenon of an AWARE WILL PERCEPTION CONTROL UNIT.

Psyche is the Greek word for mind and spirit. (The Greeks did not distinguish between the two although they are not at all the same thing.) Psyche is the root word of psychology, psychic, psychiatry, etc. Let’s stay in that word family and choose “psycan” as an appropriate label for the non-physical aware will unit that is your essence, that is “I”.

Definition: Psycan: the meta-physical life energy complex consisting of will and consciousness (and other properties including cause, intelligence, intuition, creativity, love) capable of controlling and experiencing thought and emotion. (“Meta” means above or outside of.)

You are a psycan, a non-physical life-energy entity complex consisting of will and consciousness (and attendant characteristics including cause, intelligence, intuition, creativity, love) capable of controlling and experiencing thought and emotion. You are an Aware-Will.

Within Materialism, that is about as far as we can go in showing what you are.

However, if we move into mysticism, things get interesting.

The Psycan from the Mystical Point of View
As we saw in cosmology, there is only ONE: ONE INTELLIGENT CREATOR ENERGY. As is everything, you are formed of that ENERGY, of the very substance of God. There isn’t anything else that you could be formed of; there is only the ONE INTELLIGENT ENERGY. Consciousness, Will and Love are the ultimate nature of all that exists.

So, like everything else in Created Reality, you are a particle of God pretending not to be God in order to enjoy the show. (Some people pretend so well, so seriously, that they will call this paragraph—and many others—“blasphemy”.)

To understand what you are, let us return to our analogy of the light-fog again, this time from the point of view of the creation of individuality rather that the point of view of the WHOLE.

Originally, our fog is totally homogeneous, totally the same everywhere, an infinite field of I LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS WILL CREATOR. IT chooses and ITs own WILL-power causes ITself to gather, to “pile up”, to concentrate part of ITself at a given point. Thus we have a concentration, a brighter point of ESSENCE at that place. That point is now differentiated from all the rest of the field, different and distinct in that it has more ESSENCE, particularly more Will=I and more Consciousness=I.

It therefore has a stronger sensation, a stronger experience, of “I”, of Aware Will, than the rest of the field. As this concentration of I-Aware-Will looks about itself, it will perceive all else as “Lesser I” (which is the start of “NOT I” = OTHER). Thus, this place of Consciousness=“I” becomes a POINT OF VIEW, a VIEWPOINT, which looks out on and experiences the field around it as “lesser I”, which is the start of “NOT I”= Other.

This is what you are: a particle of Aware-Will. You are a particle of Consciousness, a localized experience of I, made of ENERGY=ESSENCE, with the Will power to move and form energy into shapes and realities. This is PSYCAN. (Note: Psycan and Being are not the same, but we will treat them a synonyms until we get to the distinction.)

You are an illusory particle of the ONE and ONLY AWARE-WILL. I say illusory because you are really ALL of IT. The Kingdom of God is within you. The Kingdom of God is where God hangs out.

More consciousness is not only a more intense perception=sensation=experience of itself, but also of anything that should around it. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: You are a point of consciousness = perception = experience of the rest of the creation. That “rest of creation” includes your thoughts and your emotions. These are energy forms= forms of energy= masses= realities that you create and that then hang out around you. All your experience is the effect, the impact, of realities=energy forms on your consciousness. By creating the desired realities and discreating the undesired realities, you control and determine your experience. This is the purpose of existence, as we will see in later chapters. Psycanics includes a precise technology for the creation and discreation of realities.

Now repeat this process of concentration at another point so that you now have two concentrations of consciousness, two “I”s, two Points of View. Each has the experience of I-HERE; and as she perceives the other, of the other as DISTINCT, SEPARATE, NOT HERE, OVER THERE, “NOT I” = OTHER.. You now have “I” and Other.

Repeat this process of concentration of the CONSCIOUS ENERGY an zillion times and you have the cosmos as it is: filled with such LIFE entities, each experiencing I Am, Here Now; and calling itself “I”. These concentrations of TAO, of INTELLIGENT CREATOR LOVE ENERGY, of CONSCIOUSNESS, of “I”, are spirits, or “souls” as they call them in religion. Psycanics is the study of their nature, existence and powers “psycanics”. This book is an introduction to psycanics.

(Actually, at this high level of consciousness, there is still integration and consciousness of being ONE, so that the experience is “I” and “less-I” or “other-I”. The total loss of consciousness of ONEness coupled with the mystical amnesia of origin and essence that give arise to the experience of separate, isolated individuality does not come about until the descent to the human level, the other end of a long scale of being.) In other words, not until the reduction of identity, of beingness, to the human level, do you get the complete experience of separation and aloneness, of “I” versus “everybody and everything else as absolutely NOT I”, in which we humans live.)

Each concentration of Aware-Will= Psycan has the sensation of a localized HERE as compared to the distinction of everybody else everywhere else= Not-Here= There. You now have Here and There: you have Distance and Space. You have many “I¥s” which can communicate across Distance, and move across it from Here to There. You now have SPACE.

Once you have SPACE, and movement, you also have TIME, which you will remember, is the change or movement of ENERGY in SPACE. However, we have already covered all that – let’s get back to the subject of you:

You, in your deepest essence, are a PSYCAN. You are a point of concentration of ESSENCE, of CONSCIOUS INTELLIGENT CREATOR WILL LOVE ENERGY, which concentration creates the sensation of an individualized or particulate “I”. You are a HERE-NOW point of consciousness = perception = experience of the rest of the universe, and a VIEWPOINT onto and into it. You are Will, and will is Cause and Creator: that which can form the energy into the modulated masses that are realities. In religious terms, you are a soul. (You don’t have a soul; you are a soul.)

Notice that you, as is everything, are formed of exactly the same substance as GOD — better said: you are formed of GOD. You, PSYCAN, are of the ESSENCE; you have all the qualities, all the attributes (Love, Joy, Energy, Knowledge, etc), and all the powers of GOD, including CREATOR. Your basic properties include WILL, CAUSE, CREATOR, CONSCIOUSNESS; ENERGY, SPACE, LOVE and BLISS. This, never forget, is what we refer to with the word ESSENCE.

There is only ONE: ONE INTELLIGENT CREATOR LOVE ENERGY. ITs “separation” into “discrete” units (psycans) is an illusion and part of the game God (you) are playing with Herself (yourself). Your experience of I and NOT-I = OTHER is an illusion. There is only one I. The I that looks out from your eyes is the same I that looks out from your neighbor’s eyes.

Imagine our fog again with many psycans as points and globes of light, of all sizes and brightness. Each is light brightest in the center and fades in intensity as you go out from its center. But no light ever fades completely: the fog itself is light and its light always connects with all others. There is never a point without some light, and never a light that is not connected by the field of light to all the others. It is all one light (ONE CONSCIOUS BEING) studded with points of different brightness. As a human being, you have reduced your light and blocked your awareness of your connection with all others, but it is always there.

You are a psycan: an individualized “particle” of God with all Her characteristics (ESSENCE), including immortality. You are a non-physical life energy complex. You-psycan existed long before the body, or even the material universe. The only manner in which you can to cease to exist is to merge back into the ONE – but even then you, “I”, do not cease to exist. You BEcome IT ALL – again.

You are an immortal spirit, focused in and operating in the physical universe by means of a physical body and using it as your instrument of manipulation and of perception and experience. You are not a physical being: you are a spiritual BEing being physical. You psycan, do not come from matter or the material universe: will and consciousness are the highest energies and lower energies do not produce higher energies. You are of, and from, that which is beyond and which is creator of the material universe. To BEcome a human, you have reduced your light and blocked your awareness of ONE, of your connection with all Other, but it is always latent and you can recover it. Your body is a fruit of the material universe, a product of a process of evolution that is not accident or random-ity as science might have you believe, but rather guided by INTELLIGENCE to result in appropriate forms.

If you will permit me to place physical dimensions on something not physical, you as a human-size-psycan are an egg-shaped energy sphere about 1.5 meters in diameter and about 2.3 meters tall. (I suspect that the egg shape is a distortion to accommodate the body, because all the non-physical psycans I have seen are globes). Your body exists inside of your psycan=consciousness and inside of your mind; although if you are like most people, you feel as if your consciousness, your “I”, and your mind are inside your body or your head.

Do not confuse the brain with the mind. The brain is a physical organ which, in addition its physical regulatory functions, transduces energy from the body and the 5 sense organs into frequencies (e.g. thought) which the psycan can better perceive, permitting clear perception of the physical universe - as you know it. (A psycan not in a body perceives the physical universe kind of like an infrared movie, as patterns of energy.) The brain also receives instructions in the form of energy impulses from the psycan which it transduces to the physical nerve energies: by this means you psycan, control your body.

Keep in mind that in another sense you have no size because you (the light) extend outward to be All of Everything. You are also a part of a bigger psycan who is part of an even bigger psycan all the way back to the ONE—(let’s not get into this).

This is what you are. Who you are is even more complicated, a story to be told later...

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