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Natural Happiness

By Raymond Phelan

Constantly reliving "past-time" fears, anxieties and emotional states accumulates and maintains more past fears and emotions and continues until the emotive connection is dissolved by becoming awakened in consciousness – conscious in present-moment time. If you don't awaken, then you may be living "past-time", subconsciously, the anxiety syndrome, or suffering, depending on the nature of "past". This is the imperative of transforming, of purifying your subconscious conditioned programmes. With Mother Nature providing the perfect "real" role model template, "wakening up" is heavenly. Without the infusion of natural contentment, without bliss into the mind, there can be no natural happiness. Man's essential nature is concentrated or total happiness; being unhappy contradicts your divine status. You are intended to experience total happiness so that your life is lived from natural 7.83 hz happiness and not "artificially", not mood creating – but this is your own conscious choice, or free will. Natural happiness already exists. It comes from within your own consciousness. Being eternal, omnipotent, it cannot go away, you can only ignore or cover it with mountains of emotive past. This ignorance is eventually what ages the body, when it can no longer deal with the accumulations of held-on-to "past" – hence suffering and ill health. "Time" and held-on-to past speeds up the ageing process rapidly and that's why developing 'now' consciousness ageing is delaid considerably.

"Happiness" through the non-purified senses and nervous system is ultimately the cause of most suffering. It's the starting point of most addiction. Dependence on outer-sourced happiness, whether through possessions or substances, becomes a source of sorrow should these possessions or substances be lost either physically or to the senses or nervous system; it's either anguish or withdrawal symptoms. This is why experiencing "nature happiness" – natural contentment of mind – is so vital; it's key to the resolute, unwavering intellect. Concentration ability, natural happiness and contentment are synonymous. Contentment empowers the mind of "focus" ability, concentration, which prevents the mind from aimless wonderings. Natural happiness gained from within keeps the mind rooted in reality – nature orientated.

Unhappiness is a reflection of soul isolation, of no fixed happiness abode, of low serotonin levels in the brain which nature provides in abundance for free. Serotonin is responsible for your mood and behaviour. Unhappiness is unnatural, and stems from misunderstanding, misinterpretation of your divine, or cosmic inner status. Instead, you memory reference to the past to find meaning to life, thereby missing the now – the natural happiness. You are ever-imprinting time onto timelessness, creating fear out of truth, making reality out of shadows. A non-realised, or chronically unhappy person identifies in mind with duality of existence: happiness and unhappiness, past and future, with no conscious experiencing of "eternal now" and this is why suffering is encountered and continues. Being eternal, your true nature is transcendental bliss consciousness, but many live in ignorance of this state of excellence within: the brain/solar plexus connection, of inner timelessness, of awakening to transcendental consciousness, befriending your cleansed soul nature, which alone transmutes man- made unhappiness to natural happiness.

For natural happiness or timeless consciousness to become your permanent state of being, behaviour, it has to be "lived", expressed through the mind and body – the nervous system as normal. It's prerequisite to being total You, for longevity of life; hence, the eternal "nature" of nature. Animals and birds are fully aware of their source of well-being and nourishment. They instinctively know when to migrate from non-serving pastures, to the healing and protection of being aware and present to their natural environment. Cats in particular are calmness and natural happiness personified. They will migrate from place to place to find the safest and most comfortable spot, anywhere. They will always behave in accordance with their inner status, with very little compromise.

Whenever there is absence of past-future, of "time", you're being contemplative: "con" meaning to join, and "template" meaning the pattern: joining with the pattern of your nature. Similarly with "concentrate": "join" with your "centre". Like cats, once you get the hang of being naturally calm, which comes about by culturing the nervous system to stillness, it very soon becomes automatic. You'll settle for nothing less than this harmonious outflowing of natural, bliss exuberance. And why should you? For it's just as easy to be happy as it is to be unhappy – once you realise this. Natural happiness, or natural spiritual functioning, is a decision, it's a choice you consciously make, and usually do, but only after much suffering.

When the nervous system is "cultured" you pick up on others' energy output, their thought wavelength or mood transmissions. Agitated, over-excitable people tend to make others feel edgy and uncomfortable too, while, conversely, relaxed, happy-with-the-world folk transmit calmness effortlessly. Serenity is contagious, and is present whenever and from whomever contentment is their inner environment. When your "inner content" environment merges with outer, then you're contributing to global happiness; your share of natural happiness is recorded and goes into the ether as a healing contagion for others. Are you doing your bit for the world?

Isn't nature's visible healing miracle a lesson in absolute amazement? If you had carved your initials into the bark of a tree and came back some years later, the scar would be healed. Similarly, if you trod a pathway across a green field it leaves a worn scar, but when you keep off the grass for a period of time the scar is healed. This is how healing of the mind works also. When you refrain from thinking and re-thinking the "same channel" thoughts, this is equivalent to keeping off the grass: thus are minds and bodies healed. Nature vibrates this message of healing daily: a visual template for natural happiness – the way of wholeness, of brain healing and health. Being fully present in nature releases the mind from the groove of "one-track-mindedness," from automated, systemic unhappiness. Keeping off the grass, out of heavy or dominant thoughts, allows the flowers, your essence – love, natural happiness, health, creativity – to flourish in their intended abundance. Your spirit is lifted on par with the tallest trees and mountains – your life and health are in sparkling flow again. Nature too rejoices as your heart reverberates in bliss: your soul-mate is acknowledging both your similar desires for evolution and is communicating this "through" you, as silence-happiness, or tangible beauty.

Communication on nature's frequency – 7.83htz – activates the ever- sought secret of healing and natural happiness. The frequency allows the mind to effortlessly uncoil, chill-out, become more expansive, more conscious of its own actual happiness. Nature-time takes the mind from objective clock time, into the realm of subjective time. As the brain attunes to nature's 7.83htz the mind/body vibration equals to this earth pulse rate, harmonising the spiritual mechanisms in the brain. Nature communicating is engaging with your own higher self nature, familiarising your awareness with Unity consciousness.

The body reflects the state of your mind. So it makes good health management sense to pay attention to the level of natural happiness you're encountering and emitting in order to maintain psychological, physiological and biological health. Youthfulness is a state of mind, of consciousness. And in this regard nature communicating offers the mind and body the proverbial feast. A great way of developing nature communication skills, of harmonising the mind and senses, is communicating with nature's repetitive sounds and visuals. The practice deepens sensory aliveness, leading to increased capacity of experiencing – to brain/sound/calm associating. The following techniques help adjust or reorientate the mind to that deeper, purer level away from the fixed mindset order: from objective clock time, into subjective "now"-time. Constant contact with now- time matures the soul cosmically. For the duration of each practice the mind becomes free of time-related surroundings, offering great peace and tranquility from time enbondagment.

Development of timeless consciousness is indeed the secret of eternal youth, must-do soul lessons with nature providing the perfect educational classroom. Thus do you begin glimpsing immortality – intuitively grasping the indestructibility of man/woman's eternal spirit nature: As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be.

So, with the awareness-creating meditational practices described in my book, Transforming Your Life, begin to harness the awesome, organising intelligence of nature. Awaken your mind to natural happiness, and your heart to love-presence. Through nature, begin to experience your true state of being.

A meditator for over thirty years, Raymond Phelan has undergone intensive training in spiritual philosophy and mind technology in the USA, UK, and Ireland. He trained extensively under the guidance of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation, in the TM-Sidhi Programme. Living in Dublin, Raymond practices as a life coach facilitator and teaches meditation.
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