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Preface to Transforming Your Life

By Raymond Phelan

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A meditator for over thirty years, Raymond Phelan has undergone intensive training in spiritual philosophy and mind technology in the USA, UK, and Ireland. He trained extensively under the guidance of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation, in the TM-Sidhi Programme. Living in Dublin, Raymond practices as a life coach facilitator and teaches meditation. Here is the Preface from his new book, Transforming Your Life...

Every person coming into this world is starting out on life's evolutionary journey from some inherited or generational programming. Sadly, those who remain spiritually asleep, who are in ignorance of how universal law works, who are not soul awakened or spirit-directioned are heading for more programming. This manifests in many forms such as addiction, depression, chronic stress, low self-esteem, or a myriad of other non-desirable symptoms. Your individual work in life is to transmute this subconscious programming and prevent it from continuing. It's the intention of this book to help you realise both these outcomes.

Transforming Your Life is the culminated knowledge of my own quest for spiritual wholeness and freedom of conditioning. This quest finally became a success thirty years ago when I said, "Enough is enough." Thus started my soul-discovering journey.

My ensuing lifestyle changes soon led to my coming upon the soul's transformative inner bliss-silence – the transcendent, transmuting essence of each person. It's the intention of this book to help you transmute your past baggage and become soul/bliss realised – the easy way, as compared to the hard way I endured. Spiritually speaking, up to the age of about thirty, my life – including those vital formative teen years – was completely rudderless, without the slightest knowledge of, or guidance in, tangible soul experiencing, other than the meaningless jargon from religious pulpits.

Through wrong life choices, initiated out of imposed conditioning and compounded by spiritual ignorance, I became cross-addicted to Valium and alcohol. Eventually I was forced by my soul's desire for cosmic evolution to surrender my struggles, my utterly non-serving belief systems, to a higher power; it was this miraculous surrendering, combined with committed meditation practice, that led to the attainment of my present state of well-being, inner harmony, creative expression, and freedom from cross-addiction – direct soul/ bliss experiencing.

This book does not show how to become a financial millionaire; for in truth I don't know that financial state myself right now, but thankfully, what I do know is the non-monetary equivalent: super bliss consciousness. Transforming Your Life describes the necessary stages of awareness/understanding the mind needs to embrace in order to fulfil direct soul/bliss experiencing. It includes the techniques on how to become free of mind baggage. I have used this technique daily for the past twenty-five years to achieve this non-monetary equivalent of a multimillionaire. For, indeed, as you will experience, not everything in life is about money; most things, including money, are given perceived value by us. In this regard, there are some things money can't buy; a million dollars, for instance, while giving financial peace of mind, can't ever equate to unconditional bliss consciousness. While money is essential, of course, the reality is you don't need to be financially rich to be blissfully happy every day.

Setting out in life to become financially rich, for its own sake, without first gaining soul/bliss experiencing and understanding cause and effect is not the soul's way to providing lasting, natural bliss happiness – authentic abundance; this such lead to expensive problems. Conversely, discovering the non-monetary equivalent of millionaire status first is crucial to avoiding the needless mental anguish caused by the mind's identification with the false, inherited conditioning: the contradicting mind-sets to your soul's desire for natural evolution.

My heartfelt intention is to guide you to finding the all that you already are right now. And once transmuting bliss/silence is established in your mind, this level of soul evolution will empower you to whatever level of financial wealth (or its authentic equivalent) your transformed mind can conceive. I hope that after you read and reread different sections of the book to cement the ethos, you'll be in possession of true wealth: priceless mental/spiritual understanding to carry you blissfully beyond the illusory state of the limiting finite mind.

You will have discovered the master key to the secret of eternal youth and immortality; you will have at your command the formula codes to the universal law of cause and effect, and you will know how to be someone who is truly successful at the art of living. For I'm absolutely convinced that what you are being presented with here in this all-in- one transformative book is the blueprint that can elevate your mind/ soul to previously unimagined higher states of consciousness; it can bring to you all that you desire financially, spiritually, and health-wise. You will soon realise the awesome potential of the purified soul and its guiding life-coach, right-thinking nature. When the innate truth principles of the purified soul are directly experienced and cognised at even a basic level, you will begin to realise which is soul-freeing and which is maintaining greed's bondaging influence.

The book sets out to show how to achieve without struggle, this spiritual full mind capacity for a more noble and fulfilling life. It aims at helping you first identify your own particular life situation and how your state of mind – the causes of suffering – came about in the first place and how to permanently eliminate this subconscious conditioning from your mind. It sets out all you need to understand and put into practice so you can achieve abundance in whichever field you choose to express abundance. You can transmute conditioning and ill health by becoming renewed in mind/body/soul. Every moment can be deeply rewarding to allow you to live "total you" mind capacity at any chronological age. Being mentally, physically, and spiritually fit serves a greater purpose in the universe. This book offers easy-to- follow techniques for dealing with everyday anxieties, such as panic attacks, phobias, depression, and low self-esteem. It includes a section on remedies for degenerative diseases and a section on how to recover from alcohol addiction and drug dependency. It also shows how you can express and experience super confidence in all personal situations. In a few minutes each day, you can learn to alchemise negative energy and reclaim your natural calm. By shifting your thinking and applying understanding, you can get to your natural state of empowerment and be the all that you can be and live in bliss-conscious wealth every day.

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