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Personal Development and Spiritual Growth: Differences and Long-Term Benefits

Personal Development and Spiritual Growth

By Chris @

The growth of a human person can sometimes be quite confusing. More often than not, we cannot precisely classify what growth is and what it is not. Sometimes, when we are at a downturn, this can be considered as a problem instead of an opportunity for growth.

As a matter of fact, not all individuals are able to experience this growth. For some, they may continue living their lives with that Peter Pan Syndrome – always refusing to grow up and take charge.

With this, it is important for us to realize that being able to identify key aspects in our life where growth may happen is a crucial aspect of improving ourselves. Thus, in this article, we will be giving a basic overview on Personal Development and Spiritual Growth.

Personal Development

As an umbrella term, Personal Development refers to individual growth in key aspects of our individual and social lives. By developing or improving certain skills in these key areas, it will contribute to the overall improvement of our being.

In this case, development in the personal level means that we are able to improve ourselves both internally and externally. When we try to sharpen our self-discipline, this can be a form of internal personal development. In the same way, if we try to improve our looks and the way we appear to others, this can be an external personal development.

Furthermore, personal development may also refer to certain skillsets that we muster as we grow. Learning how to do automotive work, for instance, can be a form of growth for us. In the same way, being adept at engaging and socializing with others also means that we become better communicators. Such skills that we have acquired overtime can contribute to our idea of personal development.

With this, most major areas in our life are platforms for personal growth. Our finance, relationships, individual skills, etc., all of them form part of aspects where personal development may happen.

By harnessing skills and talents on these areas of our life, it will contribute to long-term effects. Being able to acquire knowledge and skills on such various platforms allows us to have a large arsenal of skills that will always come in handy.

For instance, if you are out to meet someone, having that sense of taste, culture, and humor will greatly boost your individual confidence, turning you into someone who is likeable and fun to be with. While these skills seem to be normal, acquiring them takes time and practice – the result of countless historical texts, memes, and conversations.

But while these aspects of our lives can be consciously developed, some are actually quite difficult to apprehend. For instance, spiritual growth is not something that can be learned overnight or through a course. More often than not, development in this aspect can be a result of divine intervention or spiritual awakening – both of which are not found in textbooks our social media courses.

As such, we will be discussing the other end in the next section...

Spiritual Growth

In this aspect of personal development, it is important to remember that we are capable of transcending ourselves. By this, what we mean is that our existence should never be reduced to the materialist/socialist interpretation. The way we understand life should not be limited to the skillsets, health, status, and even money that we have in our bank accounts.

More than that, we are spiritual beings who are capable of higher forms of thinking and understanding. Unlike other beings in this world, humans remain special given that we as a species have the capacity to understand concepts, thoughts, ideas, and even divine/mystical occurrences.

As such, it inevitably opens up a new dimension in our existence – one that is connected to the divine, the mysterious, and the unconscious.

Growth in this area of ourselves means that we are able to tap onto the unlimited potential of our human existence. As we experience spiritual awakenings in our life, we grapple with our finitude being drawn into the infinite. This phenomenon will wake us up to the endless possibilities of life, making it almost impossible for us to settle with the superficial goals of the 21st century.

Although one’s spirituality can simply be an aspect of personal development, the subliminal nature of spirituality itself stands out compared to all other aspects in our lives. Given the transcendental approach to things, this aspect can lead us to higher planes, deeper questions, and more meaningful discussions.

With this, the long-term benefits of cultivating spiritual growth is that it perpetually gives access to higher forms of living. Whether it be through current world religions or New Age practices, spiritual growth will always be a plus because it will allow us to see beyond the boarder of the physical world.

Thousands upon thousands of people worldwide have some form of spiritual awareness, and here are some ideas of how to Have Your Spiritual Eyes Open.

Final Word

In life, we will always aspire to become better. As represented by the Greeks, individuals aspire for self-actualization through personal development. By understanding its value in conjunction with spiritual development, it opens up the path for us to become better human beings.

Author Biography:
Chris is the head writer at, a spirituality and self-discovery website that uses its proprietary archetype quiz to identify people's dominant personality types.
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