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How Does Past Life Regression Therapy Work?


Many people in America hold religious or spiritual beliefs and some believe very strongly in the idea of past lives. According to the Pew Research Center, 24% of the overall public believe in reincarnation.

Past life regression therapy may allow people to witness events and memories from their past lives. But how does regression therapy work and why do people choose to delve into their past life?

Discover more about past life regression therapy and find out what all the buzz is about.

What Is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is a technique used in therapy that involves hypnosis to recover memories of your past lives. It relies on the idea of reincarnation or rebirth in a new body after death.

Across the world, there are instances of both adults and children that supposedly have memories from a previous life. Many stories about past life events involve individuals who can name people, places, and events they should have no memory of.

Why Do People Use Past Life Regression Therapy?

Someone might consider regression therapy to receive a better understanding of themselves. Some people are curious and want to find out what they were like in a past life.

Others want to use therapy as a way to understand and overcome severe phobias. Many people with irrational fears find these phobias impact their everyday life.

During regression therapy, you may be able to view those memories from another life. Many people claim that past life regression therapy helped them overcome their phobias.

Another benefit to past life regression therapy is it often helps people confront their anxieties. Many of these are tied to fears we may not even know about. Hypnosis can help to reveal these fears and help people work toward overcoming them.

You may discover these benefits and more when you delve deeper into your past life.

What Should I Expect at an Appointment?

Are you curious about discovering your past life? If you want to try regression therapy, you might be wondering what to expect at an appointment.

First, your practitioner will make sure you're in a relaxed state. This helps ensure you're prepared for hypnosis. When under hypnosis, you'll be in a trance-like state with a heightened sense of concentration and focus.

Once you're in the right state of mind, you'll undergo a regression session. While in a hypnotic state, a trained practitioner will help you discover memories of a past life. These may include strong emotions, memories, or sensations such as smell or taste.

Sessions may last several hours, but many people find the answers they need after only one appointment.

Deciding Whether Past Life Regression Therapy Is for You

Many people believe in past life regression therapy and claim it's worked for them. It may be an option for you if you want to find out more about your past life or confront a difficult phobia.

If you have an open mind, regression therapy could help you learn more about yourself.

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