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Soul Writing

By Dr Colleen-Joy Page

Like a tap that has water behind it, you have within you a well of wisdom and insight waiting to be released....

In times of confusion or in times of peace you can sit quietly and allow yourself to open the tap, letting whatever wisdom and inspiration is waiting there just to flow through. You'll be surprised what you may begin to find. The more you try this, the easier it becomes and the more "soul-water" you will have to ease your thirst.

Many people find that it is therapeutic to keep a journal, to write poetry or essays for exactly this reason. If you open the tap to your inner wisdom, your soul is there ready to pour forth its knowledge. You are a soul and as a soul you have a higher perspective that is based on peace instead of survival. Writing is a way to bring that knowledge through. It is also fun and healing.

Spontaneous writing is also of any kind is a powerful way to become aware of and release the pain and fear that keeps the "tap" closed. Once you have purged your fear and pain, you can go deeper to your inner peace and wisdom.

How you know you have found your inner well of wisdom, is because wisdom fllls the body with a peaceful feeling. The opposite of wisdom leaves emptiness and a drop in the inner feeling of energy or presence in the body.


  1. Decide before you start that you will not censor, proof read or judge anything that comes out. This is not a school exam - don't worry about spelling, grammar or being good or bad at writing.
  2. Force yourself to start by writing anything! Make it up or just write whatever is in your head. Even "I think I'm nuts doing this" is a fine way to start. Express your emotions, whatever they are. Write and don't stop for at least 10 minutes.
  3. Don't let anyone read what you have written - including you. Initially write just to purge. Then go back to what you have written a few days later and read it. You may find some pearls that you feel like sharing with someone special.
  4. Write, not for the end result, but for the experience of the release and out of curiosity.
  5. After doing this for a little while (say a few days or weeks - whatever feels right for you) you can turn your writing focus to specific questions or topics if you like. For example, ask a question and then just start writing whatever comes through. After the initial purging of fear and emotion you may find some helpful insights to reflect on.
  6. Peeling the onion. Writing lets you peel the onion that you are. It starts by releasing the stuff on the outer layers - the fear, emotions and pain. Then it takes you through new layers of your inner world until all the layers are peeled and your essential, true self, soul is left to provide you with uncensored, undistorted and unfiltered soul perspective and insight.
After years of doing this myself, I now rely on writing for much of my intuitive insights and soul work.
Copyright © Colleen-Joy Page 2006
From the office of Colleen-Joy Page, The Academy of Metaphysics. Colleen specializes in training others in powerful tools like intuition and dream work.
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