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Finding Your Apple Tree

By Colleen-Joy Page

Without you, there would be something crucial missing from the universe. Without you the universe would not be the same. You may only feel like a drop in the ocean, but I tell you this, you have the power of the ocean inside of you... and the ocean knows you, even if you have forgotten the ocean. When you find the ocean in you, you will feel like the river that runs towards the sea, not trying to climb hills but simply flowing in accordance with the deeper calling that draws you nearer to fully merge with your greatest self.

Most people believe that they are here to DO something and so they spend time worrying about whether they are doing what they are here to do. I can't tell you how many clients and students have asked me, "What am I here to do - what is my purpose?" If you focus on DOING you may miss the point entirely. The apple tree teaches us that BEING is first, then DOING becomes a natural expression of your Being.

Painting a picture does not mean that you FEEL and know yourself as an artist. Giving to charity does not mean that you FEEL and KNOW yourself as charitable. Lighting candles and burning incense does not mean that you KNOW yourself as SOUL. It is the Being, the knowing and the feeling that we are after. An apple tree does not think, "What am I here to do?" The apple tree is just following its inner calling to being an apple tree. Any thing that the apple tree does is an expression of being an apple tree. It can do this because it is being true to itself.

If the apple tree doesn't know that it is an apple tree it may spend a whole lot of time trying to make oranges. If the apple tree stumbles across making apples - it may feel in that moment a sense of peace, energy, joy or inspiration (all signs of the doing that is an expression of the true self) but if it is still out of touch with who it is it may easily go back to doing oranges.

So to align with your life purpose focus on BEING the truth of who you are. Focus on transforming all of the fear inherent in your mind about BEING who you are born to be. Then the doing becomes a natural expression of who you are, as easy as an apple tree making apples.

Your purpose is not to DO - but is to BE! When you free the BEING the DOING flows from that place of true power. Defining your apple tree self is done by digging within your sense of self to claim the identity that is there.

People are like apple trees at war with themselves. It is time to end the war, to be at peace with who you are. Your natural self, your heart, your soul knows who you are. Isn't it time to tune in to that part of you, to find your apple tree?

When you are not at war with yourself, who are you?
If you were not afraid, who would you be?

Sit quietly by yourself for 10 minutes, close your eyes and be aware of your body. Think about who you have been since your birth and open to the idea that your apple tree self, your true and natural self has always been there.

  • So open to your inner guidance and think about who it is that is you, who are you when you are natural, free and at peace?
  • What role would you naturally play in people's lives if you were not afraid?
  • What types of doing (activities, contributions to others) bring you joy and fulfillment?

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